One Night With Remy Martin

June 23, 2016


During this past year, I feel like I’ve done a lot of growing up. (Maybe turning a quarter of a century at the end of this summer might be a factor.) That being said, one thing that needed a major upgrade was my spirits game. My dad passed down a lot of lessons and information, but he’s not a liquor connoisseur  by any means so I had to figure it out on my own. Thankfully, I’ve partnered with Rémy Martin to learn more about their rich history as well as what really goes into making a good cognac.

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Spite The Weather

June 15, 2016


mens nyc style streetwear

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kanye west inspired fashion

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mens yeezy sweatshirt

nyc mens fashion streetwear

Wearing: Sweatshirt: ASOS// Shorts: T By Alexander Wang (Similar)// Sneakers: Vans// Hat: ASOS// Socks: Richer Poorer (Similar)

Going to throw this out there from jump and say this is one of my favorite blog posts I’ve done in a while, just based on visuals. Remember the other week when I explained the rules of wearing a summer beanies? (See here and return whenever you’re ready.) I really like playing with proportion, even during the summer. Again, if you’re gonna wear a heavier sweatshirt I suggest going with a short. (Praise Yeezus that dudes have more options now.) Besides my sweatshirt, I’d have to say my favorite part of this fit is the color blocked socks. It adds some extra color and looks more thoughtful.

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What Your Dad Wants This Father’s Day

June 7, 2016

what to buy dad for fathers day

If we’re going to be completely honest, we all know that Father’s Day is just another sham holiday much like all of the ones made up by social media managers trying to sell whatever their client told them to. #HappyNationalBoxedLasagnaDay! Don’t get me wrong, your dad totally deserves to be celebrated for raising your probably ungrateful ass. That being said, there are the traditional gifts that every single site will tell you to get, but your dad probably (definitely) wants something else. As a certified dad whisperer (pause), I’ll let you know what things you SHOULD get your dad, but also what he actually wants. Thank me later.

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Farmer Brown

May 25, 2016

how to wear overalls mens

mens overalls how to wear

how to wear overalls mens



men in overalls

Wearing: Overalls: Rollas// Tee: H&M// Boots: Timberland// Hat: Penfield// Watch: Shore Projects

Even though overalls can easily make you look like a toddler about to head to pre-school it could be a strong look if you pick the right pair. Since my style is more laid back I opted for a slouchy pair and wore them lose. (Personally, I think wearing them all the way up is a little lame, but do you.) And, of course, I’m still about dressing monotonically (I looked it up to make sure it’s a real word) so I paired it with a simple tee, hat, and boots. Go head and stunt on your local orgainc dairy farmer.