Birthday Bounce

August 24, 2017


My birthday is just around the corner (August 29th if you’re tryna hook me up with a gift) so I decided to put together a little playlist of tunes I’ll be bumping throughout my birthday week and probably up until Labor Day Weekend tbh. Since I’ve been DJing for over a year now (I know right?!) I arranged the tracks in what I think is the best way to listen to them. But feel free to mess up the whole experience and put it on shuffle if you like. (Idk your life)

Let me know your thoughts and what kind of tracks you’d like to see in future playlists and tracks!


What Happened to Athleisure

July 25, 2017
nyc streetwear mens

mens streetwear nyc

mens athleisure

mens streetwear portrait

margiela sneakers

mens nyc street fashion

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nyc streetwear mens

Wearing: Tee: L Train Vintage// Shorts: ASOS// Sneakers: Margiela// Hat: Grayers

Remember when athleisure was cool? Lol me neither. This Frankenstein term was coined by the fashion industry about 3 years ago to describe the rising trend of activewear becoming ready to wear. Personally, I’ve always looked for reasons to wear basketball shorts, sweatpants, and hoodies for any occasion. (AKA a cozy boy.) At this point, the moniker is used to sell overpriced sports bra and leggings to people who only go to the gym to flex on the gram. (I mean, same but still.) Personally, I’m just waiting for the wave to be over, but until then I’ll be at work in my thrift store long sleeves tees and sneakers that cost way too much for me to be wearing them to half of the fleabag bars I go to.


Not New to It

May 30, 2017
vintage car blogger

mens vintage fashion

mens fashion streetwear

primark mens fashion

menswear blog vintage

vintage car blogger

Wearing: Jacket: Boohoo// Tee: Primark// Pants: Chapter// Shoes: DIY

My favorite lie that people tell about New York is that we have four actual seasons. I mean we “technically” do if you categorize them as follows: “Is it too hot to wear a jacket?” (Fall), “It’s beyond brick outside!” (Winter), “It’s still brick outside, but there’s…rain?” (Spring), “Wow, this is what hell must feel like, but at least there’s brunch.” (Summer) Either way, we’re still in between the last two which can mean anything when it comes to fits. Personally, I really love this look because it features a rain coat that doesn’t take away from the outfit itself. With something like this you can rock it to a semi-casual party or to the office if you’re trying to do a light flex on everyone in their button-ups and dark chinos. (I actually don’t know what people wear to the office anymore since I just do what I want.)


Mini Mix: Amerie Weather

May 24, 2017

I’m super excited to present my latest mix full of bops just in the for the warm weather. I like to call this a collection of music that you can stroll down the block to and pretend you’re in a music video. Also, if you’re not familiar with the title, I’d like to address Amerie’s ICONIC video for “Why Dont We Fall in Love.”

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!