On The Move

November 26, 2014

    what to wear to thanksgiving nyc menswear blogger mens cable knit sweater mens chelsea boots mens nyc streetstyle
Wearing: Jacket: American Eagle| Sweater: Boohoo| Pants: Uniqlo| Boots: Ugg| Hat: Vintage| Socks: Richer Poorer

Like many of you guys this week, I’ll be journeying back to the motherland (Jersey STAND UP!) in time for Thanksgiving. You might be racking your brains on what to pack and what you’ll want to look like while traveling or at the your respective Thanksgiving meal. After years of making this pilgrimage I’ve realized I’ve genuinely stopped caring.  Not stopped caring about my family, because I’m a semi decent person and they have yet to disown me even though I’ve given them several reasons to. I’ve stop investing stock in what people from home think about my appearance. While I would like to stunt on the lames from high school who never thought I’d make it out or a cousin who only knows me via my Instagram, it’s much easier to keep your cool and be comfortable. Take that same mentality and apply it to traveling because you probably won’t be getting street styled riding the Megabus or Amtrak. Think basics: knits, denims, chinos and you’ll be alright. A little statement piece here or there doesn’t hurt but let’s remember that this holiday isn’t all about you. (Still working on that one myself, folks.)

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East Dane’s Big Event

November 25, 2014

east dane saleIf you’re anything like me (aka awesome) then you live for a good sale. You really don’t need that new TV or video game so instead of waiting outside a chain electronic store on Black Friday you can get yourself fitted with new gear from the privacy/safety of your own home.

East Dane is having a major sale till Monday, Dec 1st and you want want to miss it. Spend $250= 15% off, spend $500= 20% off, spend $1000 = 25% off. There are NO brand exclusions, and with this sale, the more you purchase the better the savings. That means you should convince your brother, your friends, your cousins, and even that dude from around the corner who still owes you 10 bucks to hop on a group purchase.

Click here to find the sale’s coupon code and additional details. Happy Hunting!


Tailor Made

November 24, 2014

what to wear to thanksgiving mens how to layer a blazer how to wear a blazer mens sportscoat nyc streetstyle mens nyc mens blogger
Wearing: Sports Coat: Bar III| Vest: Onassis| Shirt: G-Star| Jeans: J.Brand| Shoes: Stacy Adams

Nothing feels better than something that is tailor made to fit your body. Besides having a garment that is shaped only for you, the process of having a professional do your measurements is pretty cool. In fact, it might be the the closest I’ll ever get to feeling like Prince Akeem so I have to shout out the Bar III team for hooking me up with the experience. I decided to pair the jacket with some double denim to dress it down, but added the the vest so I don’t look like a cowboy on a first date. While the template might be simple I like to mix textures to add a little something something.


Winter Favorites

November 19, 2014

kith x ones stroke mens winter dressing bohoo shirt coach boots nyc mens streetsrtle
Wearing: Jacket: KITH x Ones Stroke| Shirt: Boohoo| Jeans: American Eagle| Boots: Coach| Hat: H&M| Glasses: Saint Laurent Paris (via SmartBuyGlasses)

Since I’m sitting in my apartment currently wrapped up in my comforter to avoid the 20 degree weather, I feel like it’s no time like the present to share some of the favorite pieces from my closet this winter. Let’s start with Shibuya Robe from the KITH x Ones Strokes collab. One might judge this purchase this over a traditional big coat but 1) I’m grown and do what I want and 2) it’s going to be my main layering piece all season. That brings me to the longline button up from Boohoo. I’ve been looking for a shirt with this silhouette but they traditionally don’t look great on dudes with a shorter frame. The black totally gives me the illusion of having an actual torso. (Cat’s out of the bag:I’m really short IRL.) Moving on too these boots from Coach. While I have a plethora of brown boots it’s been the bane of my existence to find a perfect pair that I can rock with skinny jeans, tights, or trousers. And finally, I can’t forget my new Saint Laurent glasses from SmartBuyGlasses. Actually I can’t because I’m literally blind and the law requires me to wear them while operating a vehicle. When it comes to eyewear I’m very no frills but appreciate a touch of design and versatility. Sidenote: Is anyone surprised that all my favorites are black?

Well I shared what I’ll be wearing a million times this season, what are some of your picks for this winter?