Pink Matter

October 28, 2014

how to wear pink mens mens texture mens nyc style mac daddy mens cropped pants mens pink shirt
Wearing: Blazer: Tailor 4 Less| Shirt: Vineyard Vines| Pants: Levi’s Made & Crafted| Shoes: Clarks| Watch: Sean John

Real men wear pink…and high waisted trousers that give them a dad jean silhouette. Yep, I’m pretty certain that’s how that phrase goes. I’ve mentioned before that I’m generally disinterested in collecting mundane suit separates so when Tailor 4 Less reached out and let me customize my own jacket, I came up with this cotton candy pink corduroy situation. (“Mac Daddy” inscription included) The contrasting texture and complementary color of the trousers assist in nailing that modern peacock look, ya know? Dandyism comes in many shapes, forms, and hues. Don’t let those window pane suit wearing bastards posted on every Tumblr or #menswear listicle tell you otherwise.

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Sunday Loungin’

October 26, 2014

Mens lounging essentials
One of my favorite parts of the fall season is reclaiming my weekend. While I do love stuntin’ on medicores at brunch while downing bottomless mimosas and Instagramming a struggle plate of a barely passable eggs benedict, the novelty does wear off. After a week of full of straight killin it in fire outfits, nothing compares to just lying around the house in your upmost coziest loungewear. If you’re reading this you’re probably not a filthy animal so check above and below for some threads that’ll keep you looking fly when you’re keeping it below the radar.

Sweatshirt: Rag & Bone| Sweatpants: S&H Athletics| Hat: Kitsune| Sneakers: Tretorn| Shorts: Burkman Brothers| Tee: Calvin Klein


State Property

October 21, 2014

mens sweatsuit menswear blogger timbs and sweats mens nyc fashion mens street style

Wearing: Sweatshirt: American Giant| Sweatpants: French Connection| Boots: Timberland| Sunglasses: Komono

As of recent I’ve been really into all those hip hop crime dramas from the the late 90s/early 00s that my parents never let me watch. You know State Property, Belly, In too Deep, etc. Apparently all you needed to be a kingpin was an oversized Enyce jersey or a fly ass sweatsuit. Unfortunately I have too much self respect to wear the former. I’ve also been watching a lot of prison reality shows so this outfit is also an homage to the boys in the yard up north. (I don’t know what that means either.) If you’re going for that convict chic look I recommend murdered out boots, a murdered out beanie,  and a murder charge wouldn’t hurt either.


The New Age of Timbs

October 14, 2014

mens Japanese style timberland duck boots timberland blazer mens overalls gqtimbs4 jeans and boots

 Wearing: Blazer: Timberland| Overalls: F21 Men| Shirt: American Eagle|Boots: Timberland| Hat: Vintage

As someone who grew up on the East Coast, Timberland boots were always a staple piece to pull out for the fall and winter seasons. That being said, I obviously jumped on the opportunity to style their latest collection that mixes ruggedness with refinement. Since the blazer is created with Japanese denim I decided to go in the atypical direction of that style aesthetic.  This blazer-boot combo is one that can be paired with several tee/button down/jean/chino options. I however wanted to show a more fashunz perspective. My favorite piece of this outfit is definitely the boots. A waterproof duck boot that looks more downtown than Duck Dynasty? Perfect.  They’re a departure from the Beef N’ Broccolis that I used to covet back in the day, but I have to say I’m digging the new vibe the brand is embracing.