Modern Day Hippie

mens festival style
modern day hippie
mens ripped jeans
mens teva
twill hoodie
Wearing: Hoodie: Territory Ahead| Jeans: Armani Exchange| Sandals: Teva| Hat: Vans| Glasses: Gant

I spend a lot of time switching up my look because I have ADD get bored sartorially. Since it’s festival season and Earth Day (Earth Month? Earth Week? Whatever) I decided to go for some free spirit vibes. I literally have not worn a sandals on my feet since I was 10, but I’m digging the resurgence of these strappy bad boys in menswear. I tried to say true to the modern day hippie hence why the look is pretty bare bones, but I can see myself switching it up and wearing these Tevas with some socks, but that’s a post for another day.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. You never know how  good it is to ditch your sneakers for sandals until you try it, right?


Labels To Know: Pungas

It take a lot for me to cosign a new product, but I have to admit that Pungas, totally qualify. They’re from the same peeps who created Hickies which I’ve worn on the blog multiple times. (Exhibit A, B, C & D) Basically Pungas are dope shoe accessories that are created by 3D printing to be produced locally. They’re statements that I want to make. Check out the vid above for all the info.

If you dig them as much as I do then check out their Kickstarter Campaign.



Short Sleeves & Slurpees

mens spring style men drinking slurpee mens spring looks puma suedes pattern bucket hat printed short sleeve shirtWearing: Shirt: American Eagle| Hat: Vans| Sneakers: Puma

Sun’s out, guns out. (More like BB guns, but whatever.)

This past weekend was perfect weather for rolling up those jeans and losing the sleeves. I’m still not breaking out the crazy colors yet since the temperature is as reliable as Lindsay Lohan showing up somewhere on time. (Fun fact: I had to throw on a navy baseball jacket later that night.) Pairing a hat and shirt with nearly identical prints and in the same hue can seem a little to matchy matchy, but it’s totally doable if you dress your bottom half neutrally. I went with a easy pair of jeans and some ever so classic suede Puma sneakers. Done and done. Here’s to many more afternoons with short sleeves and slurpees.

Spring Basics

mens spring fashion isaora jacket silver sneakersisaora
Wearing: Jacket: Isaora| Sweater: Onassis| Jeans: H&M| Sneakers: Lacoste

You don’t have to be basic when rocking basics. While I personally have the tendency to run around my room for way too long picking out an outfit, I think having a solid base to work around is always smart. A uniform of sorts, a go to. My personal spring uniform usually consist of a neutral sweater/sweatshirt and some dark denim. There are a billion way to work around it. I’ve also been rocking this new Isaora windbreaker since it can pretty much tackle whatever and still looks dope. The sneakers have no practical purposes. They’re just rad.