Never Met A Printed Shirt I Didn’t Like

how to wear a printed shirtdaily mister blogmens nyc street stylemens floral shirtmens nyc bloggerWearing: Shirt: H&M| Pants: Uniqlo| Sneakers: Nike| Hat: Vintage| Bracelet: Giles & Brother

There’s usually something about an individual that makes them just that, an individual. While I happen to have more than a couple quirks, it’s pretty obvious that I have an affinity to printed shirts. It’s basically to the point where people will say “that shirt is so you” and even of they’re being shady *sideeye* they’re probably right. Personally I love pairing my printed short sleeves with a muted tone pant or some easy denim. If you want to get jazzy ain’t nothing wrong with a matching hat or short. (Note: Only try when you have practice. This can go very wrong, very quick.) Go wild and get that crazy looking shirt you had your eye on and like the great philosopher Kevin Hart once said, do you boo boo.

G-Star’s 10th Anniversary Collection

gstar jacket gstar marc newman gstar 10th anniversary star collab

There are two things in this world I love unconditionally besides my mother and bucket hats.  Those things being, birthdays and Aussies, which makes sense why I’m stoked for G-Star‘s 10th anniversary collection with Australian industrial designer, Marc Newson. It’s another solid collection from G-Star, but the real gem is the anniversary jacket in bowling satin featuring 10 iconic art works of each season.

While you probably want to go out and cop ASAP, you’ll have to wait till these drop on October 1st.



mens sweatsuit menswear blogger champion sweatshirt nyc streetwear mens fashion inspiration mens streetwearWearing: Sweatshirt & Sweatshorts: Champion| Hat: Vans: Shoes: Tsubo

Remember Nelly dropped that double album Sweatsuit where half of it was suppose to be grown ‘n sexy and the other was just booty slammin’ jams? Well that has nothing to do with this post, but I just enjoy reminding that 1) Nelly used to be super relevant and 2) ’05 was a great year for me.

With the rise of the cozy boy movement, sweats have slipped their way back into being basic staples for a dude’s wardrobe. For the ultimate steeze I’m all about a full on sweatsuit. Avoid looking like those normcore lames or your dad by coordinating your accessories. Also don’t run and waste your money on super “trendy” streetwear labels that have crazy prints all over them when you can get your basics from a brand like Champion. In the long run you’ll be able to wear them as separates when needed.


Oversized Tees & The World Cup

mens world cup fashion mens style blogger asics soccer brazil tee soccer accessories mens oversized teeWearing: Tee: Puma| Pants: H&M| Sneakers: Asics| Hat: Vans

Initially this post was supposed about a World Cup inspired look because #soccer and #seo but while doing so I accidentally rediscovered my love for oversized graphic tees. I often recall my ragtag skate days when you couldn’t get me out of a Quiksilver shirts that were so big I looked like Dobby the house elf. This was before I traded in my board for bow ties which is another rabbit hole I won’t get into.

Here’s the thing, not all graphic tees are in the same league. At the end of the day you’re still not that same 13 year old waiting for your parents to pick you up from the park. A nice artist screen print will do. And as far as fit, oversized does not mean baggy. The former can make your long and leaner while the other can get into slobville.

(P.S Go ‘Merica!…Or Brazil!…I actually have no clue who’s even playing at this point.)