All The Way Down

February 2, 2016

how to wear a longline bomber


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mens ny street style

Wearing: Jacket: Asos// Tee: Boohoo// Jeans: True Religion// Footwear: SoftScience// Hat: Puma

I’ve been interested in getting a longline bomber jacket for a while now. The only people I’ve ever seen pull it off are the teens on the subway and European Β ”Instagram models.” (Coincidentally enough both groups always pair them with Yeezy boosts, not sure if there’s a correlation there.) I decided to just go for it and if it didn’t fit at least I’d be able to use it as a sleeping bag. Since I’m on the shorter side, I really wanted to I wanted to exaggerate the oversized silhouette. Screw whatever some of these men’s mags tell you about not wearing baggy clothes if you’re on the small side. Personally, I think it helps disguise the length of your torso. For color, I suggest keeping your tones as neutral as Switzerland claims to be. There’s a lot of proportionΒ play going on here so it’s always best to keep everything simple and clean.

[Ed note: the title is more of a nod to this Kelela track and not to....uh nvm]



January 27, 2016

how to pull of baggy trousers

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urban nyc streetstyle
Wearing: Jacket: Grayers// Sweater: TY-LR// Pants: Levi’s Made & Crafted// Sneakers: Puma// Hat: Baldwin

I have several sartorial allegiances. By glancing at the blog you can tell those Β include: my commitment to wearing hats 95% of the time, dedication to a cozy boy lifestyle and finally my love of monochromatic outfits. As for the last part if I’m not in all black I tend to be in all blue even though I just discovered how wonderful camel looks on my skin tone. (More on the latter in another post.) I’ve mentioned it time and time again, but the key to nailing this look is making sure your hues work with each other and doesn’t look like you tried to go with one tone and you missed the nail on the head. For this specific look, I added to white accents to make it look a little lighter. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m dressed like I belong in a Gentry lookbook.


Turtle Time

January 14, 2016

mens winter style

how to pull off a turtleneck

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how to wear turtlenecks mens

mens street fashion
Wearing: Jacket: H&M// Turtleneck: Asos// Pants: Express// Shoes: Ugg Australia

Think I touched upon it for a hot sec last year, but I need everyone to allow love and light into their lives and get themselves a turtleneck. Besides being a clutch look for a secret agent, it’s also hella practical for the average dude. I’d be lying if I said I new what business casual actually meant since I work in the creative industry, but I think this is pretty close. The silouette lends itself to repace the average button up and is much sleeker than the run-of-the-mill crewneck. I think every guy should own own in black and gray, but if you’re really about this life then pick up a good brown, emerald, navy, or camel.


Lessons in Layering

January 6, 2016

how to layer menswear

how to wear double denim mens

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Wearing: Coat: G-Star// Jacket: American Eagle// Sweater: H&M// Jeans: Simon Miller// Hat: Vans// Boots: Timberland

Alright class, please take your seats. I’m Professor Joseph and I’ll be instructing Advanced Layering 202 this semester. By now you already know the basics of dressing up for winter. I mean anyone can throw a sweater over a shirt and perhaps a vest if they’re feeling adventurous. Personally, I’m more of a jacket on jacket type of guy. (Aka obnoxious) The key to mastering to pieces of outerwear is to make sure they compliment and not counteract each other. In laymen’s terms get your fit, length, and materials right before you go outside looking like a goodwill bin. (Wait actually that sounds pretty cool…brb)