Athleisure & Other Made Up Words

July 7, 2015

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Wearing: Tee: Urban Outfitters| Pants: T by Alexander Wang| Hat: Supra| Glasses: Monokel| Sneakers: Nike

Athleisure (noun) – A made up word by the fashion industry, created to identify the trend of activewear becoming prevalent in ready-to-wear.

Here’s the thing, we really don’t need to explain why people want to be comfortable. Moms will always inappropriately wear their yoga pants and dudes will always wear basketball shorts even when ball isn’t life. I might be getting too old to claim the cozy boy life so I guess athlesuire will do for the time being. The cool thing about this is you can mix your high-end pieces with the regular stuff you can find in your average sporting goods stores. Case in point: these Wang track pants that I’ve worn with $5 white tees is a clutch look in the warm weather when you’re trying to keep it low key. (If you’re wondering the hierarchy of bottoms in the summer, it’s jorts>track pants>slouchy trousers>skinny jeans>dress pants.)

  • http://weheartbeauty.com Larisa

    So first of all you look amazing, and second lmao I am dying this post is truly everything. You’re fucking right. I wear yoga pants and Mike wears basketball shorts and no one can ever stop us. Also, your sneaker collection >>>>> everything (did I do that right??)

    xx love your face