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Smellcome To Manhood

February 27, 2014

old spice body spray

If you’re over the age of 13 (which I hope you’d be if you’re reading this) then you have had some not so great run ins with body spray. I personally know the perils of overspraying, after spending 4 years in a New Jersey high school locker room. (Pause?)

Thankfully, Old Spice is fighting the war on overzealous spraying. Using some science that I can’t explain because I didn’t pay attention in chemistry, the brand has created technology that allows you to spray it on once a day and you’re good.

No more going HAM with the spray clouds, no more gagging every time you walk into a locker room, no more scaring off shorties with your scent. The future is here gents. Check out the vid below for more details and check back here next week for a VERY SPECIAL giveaway.


This post was sponsored by Old Spice. All opinions are my because that how I roll.


Spice Up That Bar Of Soap

June 18, 2013

Old Spice Bar Soap

Time to get real on what goes on the the bathroom. Seriously when did taking a shower become so difficult? It’s all about gels, body washes, sponges, and loofahs. (I had to look up the spelling on that last one.) It’s time to take it back to basics. Personally I’ve always been a bar shop kind of guy because I like keep it simple in the grooming department.

Old Spice reached out to me to review their latest line of soaps to which I gladly obliged. The new bar soaps come in three different scents (Fiji, Sport, & Swagger) and are meant to add a little traditional masculinity back to the market. I’m usually wary about scented soaps because I have sensitive skin (TMI) and don’t want to walk around smelling like a high school locker room or cheap flowers.

Although I didn’t end up on a horse, I did honestly enjoy all of the bars. The scents are all bold, but not overwhelming. They also last a lot longer than I imagined. My favorite is Swagger for obvious reasons. You can literally say you bathe in swagger.

Do yourself a favor and try one of these new soaps for yourself.

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