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Mini Mix: #NYFW16

February 10, 2016


Coming off the heels of Men’s Fashion Week (Oh hey, WWD!) New York Fashion Week has touched down upon the city. Inspired by this season, I decided to create a mini mix perfect for if you’re running late to a show, standing in a long line to get into an after-party or for grooving at your desk while pretending all of it doesn’t exist.

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Best of 2015 NYE Playlist

December 28, 2015

NYE Playlist

To honor the the approaching 2016, I rounded up my favorite tracks from the year of our lord (Yeezus that is), 2015. While we didn’t get an album from Kanye, Rihanna, or Frank Ocean there’s been a lot of dope stuff to bop to in the interim. Check out the almost 7 hour playlist (2015 was hella long y’all!) below and play at your NYE function or wherever because I’m not your father.

Let me know if I missed anything in the comment section for feel free to clapback at my choices on Twitter: @mcarthurjoseph.


Cuffing Season

November 3, 2015

slow jams playlist

With cuffin’season  in full swing, I decided to create a mix of diverse slow jams to help you and your “cuddle buddy” stay warm. From classic 90s to Trap & B (did I just make up a new genre?) I’d like to think this is all you need. And don’t worry you can be single as a dollar bill (like me!) and still enjoy while working or crying into a pizza.

*BTW I’m available to DJ your next house party, media event, or Maury viewing when you find out you’re NOT the father.

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Birthday Bops

August 24, 2015

Today officially marks the beginning of my birthday week. (It’s August 29th, if you want to add it to your calendars.) What better way to kick off a week of narcissism, excessive drinking, and probable property damage than with a turnt up playlist? Get into the hour-long musical journey below. And if you’re in the New York City area and see me Bankhead Bouncing down the street or Harlem Shaking on the subway, it’s fine to assume I’m jamming out to this.

Let me know thoughts/requests for songs to add in the comment section!