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October 25, 2016
nyc style blogger mens

mens nyc style mens street fashion mens streetwear street style nyc style blogger mens vintage looney tunes looney tunes hoodie
Wearing: Shirt: Grayers// Hoodie: L Train Vintage// Jeans: Neuw// Sneakers: Vans

As much I love fashion and working in the industry, sometimes I just want to step and be like “lol guys it’s not that serious.” I’m always down for some fun, even if it means picking up this Looney Tunes hoodie from my favorite thrift store. Even scrolling through my own instagram there are a lot of pictures of my in neutral colors giving a mean mug. That being said, I decided to switch it up for y’all. Since the sweatshirt is the highlight I wanted to style around it in a casual streetwear look. I’m also working on smiling more since it’s free, ya know.


Stealth Mode

October 12, 2016
mens street fashion new york

how to wear joggers

mens double zip jacket

mens black chelsea boots

mens street fashion new york

mens street style nyc
Wearing: Jacket: TY-LR// Shirt: Dr. Denim// Pants: Kenneth Cole// Boots: Samuel Hubbard

You’d think that at this point in my life I’d try to actively not wear sweatpants on a daily basis, but NAH. I will say though that my style has “elevated” a tad since I first wrote about being a cozy boy a couple of years ago.  Slowly, but surely I’m embracing minimalism so the average pair of sweats won’t cut it. I personally love these trousers from Kenneth Cole because the fit, feel, and style are all on point. (I’m also a sucker for a good tuxedo stripe.) The next time you go to buy a pair of joggers try for something in a black, navy, or dark gray. To be super low-key opt for cuffs that don’t bunch at the bottom. (It makes a huge difference., I promise.)


Fall Back

October 5, 2016
how to wear a denim jacket

mens fashion nyc mens fall streetwear looks mens fall fashion how to wear a denim jacket
Wearing: Jacket: Dr. Denim// Shirt: Penfield// Pants: Dr. Denim// Boots: Timberland// Hat: Baldwin

Fall is in full swing which means I can finally put away the chicken wings I call arms and stock pile on some layers. Like any good time, you’ve got to gently ease into it. It’s a no-brainer that the denim jacket is the most versatile piece of transitional outerwear and pretty much looks good on everybody. That being said, you can style these a number of ways. You can never go wrong pairing one with a casual button-up, dark chinos, and boots. I can say without a doubt that this will be one on my Autumn uniforms since it’s so easy to swap out pieces like the shirt, pants, and accessories for a different fit every day, but maintaining a similar vibe.

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Living Creatively

September 29, 2016

hpl3 hpl2

I can say summer was a lot of things, but boring is not one of them. One of the things that helped me keep going is my HP Spectre. I have two other computers one for work (company owned) and one dedicated for DJing (music files take up a lot of room, y’all.) Being able to have a separate notebook to focus on decompressing and my other creative endeavors has been pretty freeing. (As millennial sounding as that statement seems.) On my off days, (as rare as they come) I typically reach for my Spectre and head somewhere that help foster some sort of creativity. (For the photos above it was a coffee shop in the East Village where the staff only plays 90s R&B.)

hpl hpl4

The Spectre stands out in my digital arsenal for several reasons besides it obvious aesthetic beauty. I’ve mentioned it a million times, but the lightness of it is #1 for me as a person who never not carries around a backpack. It’s also super fast and incredibly easy to navigate whether you’re a seasoned pro or haven’t been in the PC game for a bit. Personally, I feel like I’ve only reached the surface of what this bad boy can do and look forward to showing off some new projects I’m working on with the help if it.


Whether you’re headed back to school, starting a new gig, or just want a new laptop, I highly suggest checking out the HP Spectre for yourself.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HP. All opinions are 100% mine.