October 15, 2013

margiela outfit
margiela converse
Converse Margiela diy

Wearing: Sweater: Michael Kors| Jeans: Gap| Sneakers: Converse DIY| Bag: Freitag| Hat: New Era

As much as I love my prints, I could seriously where black forever. On that note, did Jay-Z really wear all black a year straight? I believe it’s possible, but that’s research I’ll pretend to do later.

In the city of “all black errthang,” it can be daunting to make yourself stand out. Personally I love the contrast of some blaring white accessories. This is also a perfect chance to show off the sneakers I DIY’d. Not bad, right? The painted laces were a hassle to deal with, but the white on white Hickies I used instead are pretty clean. (Much like this whole look.)

Photos: Freddy

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