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How To Dress Like A Cozy Boy

October 9, 2013

cozy boy

You might be asking “What is a cozy boy?” and “Why the hell would I want to be one?” Well my good man, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. Wearing sweatpants in the middle of the say used to give you hella side eyes, but adding some tapering and a cuffed bottom will get you street styled. It’s a long sordid history of the rise of the cozy boy,  which I don’t have time to tell, BUT I can show you the essentials you’ll need to walk the streets  looking stylish and comfy.

mens sweatshirts [Clockwise] Gap| Acne| Reason| Wesc| Obey
Cozy boy or not, sweatshirts are a must have all year round, but especially in the fall. Now matter the color, print, or weight you can’t go wrong with a couple of these in your closet.

mens fashion sweatpants

[L-R] Acne| Zara| Boohoo| Topman
If you’re not in a sweatpant right now then you’re doing something wrong. You can the feel of a harem pant without looking like you’re wearing a diaper and the fit of a good trouser. Sure you can go for a drop crotch, but make sure it doesn’t make you look like you’re carrying a load.

fashion shorts

[Clockwise] Adidas| H&M| Todd Snyder| Club Monaco
You have to be an advanced level cozy boy to pull off shorts. I’m talking about pairing them with tights when it gets colder. Real talk I’m actually wearing a pair of sweatshorts as I right this. You can literally go from the gym to the bar and not lose a drop of steeze.

Into the cozy boy look? Think wearing sweats is still heinous? Let me know in the comments or tweet me at @mcarthurjoseph.

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