Weekend Warrior

April 6, 2015

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Wearing: Tee: Marine Layer| Denim Jacket: American Eagle| Flannel: Stussy| Pants: Chapter| Shoes: Puma| Hat: Jack Spade

My typical weekend usually starts off by me panicking that I lost all of my belongings as a result of the previous evening’s “adventures.” After that subsides, my days are open to pretty much whatever. Since I work a regular 9-5 I usually have to be hella cognizant of what I wear on a daily basis. I’m not typically a plain tee shirt type of guy, but when I do wear one I try to step it up a bit. You can still cozy boy it in a pair of trousers instead of jeans or joggers. Until it’s warm enough to ditch the layers I suggest adding some texture to your fit. This denim/flannel combo give off those faux workwear vibes that everyone suddenly thinks is cool again. And voila, you’re ready to ditch all your responsibilities and double fist bottomless champagne because that’s what Saturday & Sunday are truly for.