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Essentials: Urban Explorer

October 20, 2015

Mens Fall Essentials

Fall is in full swing and it’s time to dress appropriately. When you live in a place like NYC it could be freezing in the morning on your ways to work/school, uncomfortable in the afternoon, and brick again by the time you’re out for the night. While it sounds like a mission to dress for all this and be stylish, it’s not that hard if you’re strategic about it. Check out some of my favorite pieces below that should help you find the perfect Autumn balance.

Goorin & Bros Butcher Hat - If you can pull off hats (sorry if you can’t brah) then this is the shape for you. I currently have this in Olive which I love, but I recommend going with a shade of brown if you’re only copping one investment headpiece this season.

Warby Parker Otis Glasses-  Summer was all about the clear frames, and the wind chill clearly proves that summer is over. If you need to wear specs I’d go for something in a subtle tortoise. (If you’re feeling brave why not add a red to the roster.)

Timberland West Haven Chukka Boot - I can’t stress the importance of a good boot this season. While I love my classic Timbs, this modern silhouette can take you from the street to the conference room with ease.

Coach Manhattan Backpack- When it comes to bags, nothing is easier than a backpack. If you’re out of school you should probably invest in something nicer nowadays. Treat yo’self!

J.Crew Denim Jacket- While I do love “leather weather” it’s pretty hard to compete with the rich heritage of the denim jacket. If you’re going for a trad or Americana aesthetic one of these is your best bet.

Carhartt Polka Stripe - I always like to keep a statement shirt on deck just to flex a little here and there. Ditch the florals and Hawaiian prints and go for something a little more subtle. Or don’t….stripes, polka dots, panels, mixed media are all cool ways to stand out.

French Connection Machine Gun Slim Trousers- It kills me to see guys think their only option between dress pants and sweatpants are jeans. While denim is hella universal, a well-fitted trouser speaks volumes. (They also won’t bleed indigo all over your white kicks.)

Miansai Modern Anchor –  Next time you tell someone to “look at the wrist” make sure you have a little something nice on it.

What are some of your fave pieces for fall?