Leading The Primaries

October 22, 2015

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Wearing: L-Train Vintage Jacket//Thrifted Sweatshirt//French Connection Jeans//Brooks Heritage Sneakers//H&M Hat

Remember that period of time in the 2000′s where everything in your fit had to match perfectly? I’m taking about a matching jacket, a matching fitted (remember those?!), and matching sneakers. While that might have been borderline tragic, it wasn’t that much a bad idea if you think about it. In moderation, color coordination can be pretty dope. I’ve had these sneakers for a while and didn’t post, even though I loved them. It wasn’t until I was doing my usual rounds at the thrift store and found this jacket, that I immediately knew I’d found the perfect pairing. While this is nice to do once in a while, I wouldn’t make this kind of look a usual thing. You don’t want to be known as the “matchy-matchy” guy. (Or maybe you do…It’ll probably get you more Instagram followers so do what you gotta do.)

Ed note: Shoutout to you if you get the double entendre in the post title. (If not you’re still cool, I suppose.)

  • Chinama JF Silupumbwe

    like the outfit cool