Oversized Tees & The World Cup

July 1, 2014

mens world cup fashion mens style blogger asics soccer brazil tee soccer accessories mens oversized teeWearing: Tee: Puma| Pants: H&M| Sneakers: Asics| Hat: Vans

Initially this post was supposed about a World Cup inspired look because #soccer and #seo but while doing so I accidentally rediscovered my love for oversized graphic tees. I often recall my ragtag skate days when you couldn’t get me out of a Quiksilver shirts that were so big I looked like Dobby the house elf. This was before I traded in my board for bow ties which is another rabbit hole I won’t get into.

Here’s the thing, not all graphic tees are in the same league. At the end of the day you’re still not that same 13 year old waiting for your parents to pick you up from the park. A nice artist screen print will do. And as far as fit, oversized does not mean baggy. The former can make your long and leaner while the other can get into slobville.

(P.S Go ‘Merica!…Or Brazil!…I actually have no clue who’s even playing at this point.)