The Long And Short Of It

May 26, 2015

mens longline

mens longline shirt

sir new york hats

rag and bone trousers

mens nyc streetstyle
Wearing: Shirt: Steven Alan| Pants: Rag & Bone| Hat: Sir New York| Shoes: DIY’d from Aldo

The longline silhouette has been trending for a while now and I’m starting to see more and more mainstream designers and stores pick it up. Longline can be a VERY slippery slope if you don’t know what you’re doing. Because I do the most, I opted for a more severe cut. As a person on the shorter side, a piece like this can easily look like a body con dress from American Apparel. (Hence why I stay away from tees that are the same length.) Knowing your proportions are crucial. If you’re not blessed with a frail model physique, you’ll have to pay attention to wear the shirts fall and also the type of pant you’ll pair it with. As a member of the under 5’9 committee (people always tell me I look shorter in person so FYI) I went with these slightly cropped trousers to show I have legs. Have a little fun an experiment this summer, but let’s not get too crazy, eh?

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  • http://andrewbaler.tumblr.com/ andrew

    hey bro, came across to your site and i must admit im really impress on how you style your self..i was browsing on how to wear longline shirt and i saw this post of your, i was kinda curious how would i wear it without looking tacky or trying hard.

    by the way here’s the shirt in black

    i was thinkin, i’ll wear it on black tapered jeans and white stans

    2nd option is i’ll wear on black jogger pants and some white sneakers like this http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_HYZBjDn93Gc/TQ-K-h2WkmI/AAAAAAAAB9o/ACkr1SrMTm0/s1600/ubiq-el-sneakers-5.jpg

    3rd option, wear in on skinny mid wash jeans and chelsea boots

    what do you think..hope you can give me some idea

    thanks in advance mate!

    • dailymister

      Hey! Thanks for the support. If you’re on the fence I wouldn’t do the joggers since that can create an unflattering silhouette. Black skinnies are a classic way to go. 3rd option is also interesting, definitely more daring and worth trying out.

      • http://andrewbaler.tumblr.com/ andrew

        thanks bro! appreciate it..actually i was a bit hesitant on joggers too, black skinnies and white stans will do ayt? rolled or just let it loose, sorry too many questions, just noob on this longline shirt, and i’d like how you pull it off effortless man, diggin on the 3rd option though! big thanks again man..more power to your blog..will check you IG too..