Pulling Off Prints

September 24, 2015

how to wear a printed shirt to work lightweight navy blazer mens thrift fashion mens printed polo m
Wearing: Thifted Polo//American Eagle Blazer//Uniqlo Trousers//Vans Sneakers

If you listened to me, then you’re closet is full of printed shirts you copped for under $15 bucks each. (If your salary allows you not to worry about cost, then feel free to PayPal your boy some change to keep this aesthetic a float.) With the summer season officially coming to an end this week, you probably think you have to put them all away. WRONG. Well kinda. I highly recommend holding on to some of those for a little bit longer. The Hawaiian shirts and too bright hues can be packed up until next summer or a tropical getaway. (Again if you have the funds to do that, you can throw me a ticket too.) Personally, I’ll be sticking to my blues, greens, and muted tones. Since the shirt is where the party is, make sure to pair with blazers, sweaters, and jackets that don’t wind up making you look like some crazy optical illusion. (Unless you’ve already passed the  Print-Matching 302 class.) I decided to go with an “architect dad” look and matched my polo with a simple blazer, chinos, and white slip ons to give off that faux business casual vibe. Enough to make a statement, but not enough to look like an absolute peacock.