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Margiela DIY

October 14, 2013


Ignore the trashy star tattoo. We were all 18 once. Amirite?

margiela diy

margiela diy

overall boots

Let’s just a couple things straight. I’m no DIY blogger or that  type of dude. I also am not getting a book deal anytime soon. I mean unless I can write an instructional guide on how to be a fully functional trash bag. “Joke’s” aside, I wanted to share with you guys this Margiela DIY I did the other weekend.

Short backstory, the only reason I did this is because my favorite black slip ons were looking beyond raggedy and I refuse to get rid of them. I got the idea after seeing a random guy on the subway wearing the Margiela x H&M boots on the subway. I also did and old pair of Converse high tops for the hell of it. Not going to lie, all I did was grab some white house paint from my dad’s garage and went to town. After a day, VOLIA!. 2 new pairs of shoes.

Check out how the finished product looks styled later this week.

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