The Dummies Guide To Minimalism

October 27, 2015

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Wearing: H&M Sweatshirt// Topman Bottoms// Margiela Sneakers

As I was at my parents house this past weekend going through the winter clothes I dumped there earlier this year, I couldn’t help to notice that the “no pile” starting to greatly outweighed the pile of clothes that would ultimately be coming back with me. And in that moment I thought “Am I becoming a minimalist?” After I slapped myself in the face for the awful Sex and the City voiceover moment, I laughed and realized that I was only in theory. While I’ll always love my prints and mixing every color in the crayon box, I’ve found myself muting my wardrobe more and more. I guess I’m growing up? Idk. Sometimes you just need a sweatshirt and some trousers. No need to use every satorial trick in the book for one look.