June 17, 2014

mens festival fashionteva opening ceremonymens hawaiian shirt teva opening ceremonymens summer styleWearing: Shirt: Vintage| Shorts: Vintage| Hat: Kangol| Socks: Puma| Sandals: Teva x Opening Ceremony

This is the part where I’m supposed to apologize for the lack of posts this path month. Life happens: new job, new apartment, new adventures. All things I’ll probably never mention again.

This past weekend I happened to visit Tennessee for the first time. How does a city boy dress for the south, well like a Times Square tourist of course. Pretty sure this look would’ve gotten me arrested for disturbing the piece, but I was at Bonnaroo and this look made me look as plain as a priest. A super steezy priest, but I digress. I’d like to think is a good way to kick off my summer style. Fashion isn’t that serious.  Tis the season of big brash colors and contrasting prints. Also those tourists who always get in your way in NYC kinda have a good style point: printed shirts and sandals with socks are dope combo.