Mister Character Study

Mister Character Study: George Costanza

August 21, 2012

George Costanza Style

This week I’m debuting my new character study feature where I break down the style of some of the greatest men in pop culture history.

For the inaugural post I picked a fictional character who’s style has been under appreciated, George Costanza from Seinfeld. George can best be described as the putz you love to laugh at. Looking back, despite his many foibles, George had some pretty great style considering. Mr. Costanza can be best known for his limitless plaid shirts, parkas, signature glasses, and sometimes questionable headgear.

The style bloggers’ take.

Check out below to see what essentials George Costanza would have in his closet for fall:

Modern Day George

  • http://linamlogic.tumblr.com/ J-Love

    You’ve always had a little George Costanza in you, Mac. Don’t even deny it.