March 1, 2016

mens spring office look

how to make a blazer look cool

pintrill 100 lapel

shore projects watch gold

mens text sweater

mens nyc street style

Wearing: Blazer: Bar III// Sweater: H&M (similar)// Pants: RVCA// Boots: Timberland// Watch: Shore Projects// Pin: Pintrill

Oh look! I’m wearing an outfit with structure that doesn’t involve a pair of denim. Since I work in a creative field most of my clients are pretty cool with my laid back style on a day to day basis, but I like to dress it up a tad for an important meeting or presentation. This is an accurate represenaion of what I’d wear when tryinf to get a grasp on business casual: a blazer, cool sweater, and tailored trousers. Maybe I’m still drunk on youth (and privilege I suppose) , but I don’t think I’ll conform to cookie cutter office dressing for a while. That being said, some fun addtions like a colored beanie or intersting lapel pin are some simple ways to show off your presonailty without taking away from the clean cut aesthetic.