How To Look Fresh Out The Barbershop Every Day

November 29, 2016


If you’re following me on my other social platforms then you may or may have noticed that I’ve been trying to wear less hats these days. That being said, it’s been a journey trying to keep my hair (as short as it is) looking like I just got a cut. Enter Old Spice Pomade.


When not rocking a cap or wide brim, I like to keep a clean look. I wish I could say I’m good about going into the shop every other week for a routine shape-up, but that is a boldface lie. (I’m working on it, though.) To keep everything looking tidy I’ve started using the pomade. It’s actually dummy proof. (Which you’re probably not since you read this site.) I just take and dime size amount, move in my hand, and work through. Boom! I just brush down and voila. If you love rocking the oversized or cozy boy look on the reg, then you’ll appreciate how easy this is.


What I really enjoy about the pomade is that it’s perfect for anyone looking to rock a low-key hairstyle. During this past year, I’ve gone long, super short, and in-between. As someone who’s been around the block for a couple decades, (two and a half to be exact), maintaining a fresh fade can be difficult without a little extra help. If you’re interested in trying out the Old Spice Pomade for yourself, pick it up directly from Amazon.


This content was sponsored by Old Spice but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I hope you enjoy following along!