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In The Clouds

June 22, 2015

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Wearing: Shirt: Boohoo| Shorts: Chapter| Hat: Sir New York| Shoes| DIY

If I ran a boarding school I’m pretty sure that’d make faux leather collar shirts, oversized shorts, and snapbacks part of the warm weather uniform, but then again who’d let me be in charge of their child? Speaking of oversized shorts, I’m completely crushing on them. (Lest we forget.) The exaggerated pocket on these give off an apron silhouette and has so much room for the essentials. (You know: phone, keys, wallet, candy, drink tickets, etc.) Enough about the outfit can we talk about how sick this background is?! Gotta love that NYC architecture.


The Long And Short Of It

May 26, 2015

mens longline

mens longline shirt

sir new york hats

rag and bone trousers

mens nyc streetstyle
Wearing: Shirt: Steven Alan| Pants: Rag & Bone| Hat: Sir New York| Shoes: DIY’d from Aldo

The longline silhouette has been trending for a while now and I’m starting to see more and more mainstream designers and stores pick it up. Longline can be a VERY slippery slope if you don’t know what you’re doing. Because I do the most, I opted for a more severe cut. As a person on the shorter side, a piece like this can easily look like a body con dress from American Apparel. (Hence why I stay away from tees that are the same length.) Knowing your proportions are crucial. If you’re not blessed with a frail model physique, you’ll have to pay attention to wear the shirts fall and also the type of pant you’ll pair it with. As a member of the under 5’9 committee (people always tell me I look shorter in person so FYI) I went with these slightly cropped trousers to show I have legs. Have a little fun an experiment this summer, but let’s not get too crazy, eh?


Worst Behavior

November 27, 2013

nyc mens blogger
mens urban blogger
40 oz hat
saint laurent jacket
margiela shoes

Wearing: Jacket: H&M| Tee: H&M| Jeans: Gap| Hat: 40 Oz| Shoes: DIY Aldo| Socks: Richer Poorer

I’m getting ready to head home for the long weekend. Being around the fam and in the suburbs means being on my p’s and q’s, which makes me think of my less than great life choices. OD snapchats,  staying out late, wearing jackets like this in below 40 degree weather, you get the picture. When Biggie said that “Bad Boys move in silence” he meant in a blacked out outfit and Margiela inspired shoes, right? Well that’s what I got from it. I’ve been digging wearing strictly black and white look for a while. It’s hard to mess up and you’ll look good even if you wear the same outfit 3 days (or nights) straight. (Not that I would know.)

P.S. The fact that I have a Drake song as a blog title shows that I’m trippin’.

Photos: Freddy