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Soho Shake Up

April 3, 2013

soho shake up

Photos: Homer

Wearing: Jacket: Vintage| Shirt: American Eagle| Shorts: St. John’s University Bookstore |Tights: Under Armour| Shoes: Mr. B’s by Aldo| Hat: H&M

A strong wardrobe is not made up of double monks, bow ties, and blazers alone. That being said,this outfit depicts on my never-ending adventure to stir the pot when it comes to my wardrobe. Little did I know that one can’t just walk out the house in a pair of sweat shorts and tights and not garner a little attention. (Actually I did know this. I just  don’t care.)

Like a wise philopishper commonly known as Drake once said, You Only Live Once.

Note to self: next time a group of tourist mistakes you for a “swag rapper” go for it.

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Jacket Required

March 4, 2013

mens dinner look

jacket required attire

laughing blogger

jacket and bowtie


fossil swiss watch

menswear gif

Photos: Corey

Wearing: Jacket: H&M| Shirt & Pants:Ben Sherman| Bow Tie: Haspel| Watch: Fossil| Shoes: Mr. B’s By Aldo

I already mentioned the jacket required dinner I attended last week, but I wanted to show you guys what I decided to wear. I obviously like to dress up on the reg, but whenever an invite states a dress code, then I feel the anxiety to adhere to those guidelines.

“Jacket required” doesn’t mean formal so I had a little leeway when it came to the styling. A lot of dudes would (and did) dig out their go-to black suits from the closet, but I’m completely against that thinking. An occasion is never a reason to let your personal style fall to the wayside. Personally I love mixing bright colors, prints, and patterns so that’s exactly what I did.

I stood out at said dinner, but in a good way, and I did so by being me. Adding your own personal twist can make any outfit (no matter how formal it) a good look.

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Camel Lights

February 20, 2013

mens camel coat

laceless shoes

Photos: Melodie Jeng

Wearing: Jacket: Vintage| Vest: Thrift| Shirt: H&M| Pants: Gap| Shoes: Mr. B’s by Aldo| Hat: Vintage| Bag: Vintage

I try not to think of myself as a “trend follower” or “trendsetter” for that matter. Camel coats have been done by pretty much any menswear label that matters for the past two season and I’m glad I got my hands on this one.

Since I wore this during New York Fashion Week, I decided to stir the pot a little I decided to ditch the traditional styling and pair it with my white denim vest and new favorite hat. (When asked to explain it I described it as part cowboy, part hasid in the most respectful way possible) Basically I woke up and rolled into a vintage store and rolled right on out.

Today’s lesson, as most of mine are, don’t be afraid to mix it up and experiment. The reactions to this outfit varied from laughter, confusion and a little praise. (And it got me featured in Details streetstyle.)

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Happy Hunger Games

February 8, 2013

hunger games fashion

printed polo

olive cargo pants

brown brogue boots

vintage aviator jacket

mens fashion gifsPhotos: Corey
Wearing: Jacket: Vintage| Shirt: Vintage Van Heusen| Pants: Gap| Boots: Mr. B’s by Aldo

Contrary to popular belief, the fashion game is hard out here. (Being a pimp is moot for this situation.) That being said New York Fashion Week is the ultimate turn up.

NYFW is not so different from the Hunger Games. It involves going without food for long periods of time (to fit into your new pants), a lot of running (after cabs and subway trains) and sometimes you might have to break some necks (if someone steals your seat.)

For these and a couple other reasons, I kicked of the season by donning my best Katniss Everdeen.

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