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Year of the GOAT

March 2, 2015

red bomber jackets mens under layering goat3 alpha industries chinese new years mens blogger
Wearing: Jacket: Alpha Industries| Shirt: American Eagle| Tee: Urban Outfitters| Jeans: Simon Miller| Boots: Timberland

According to Chinese astrology I was born under the Year of the Goat, the metal goat to be exact. I don’t know what that means but Google says that makes me wise, business oriented, and good at organization/stability. (2 of 3 ain’t bad, right?) That goes all to say that I’m completely in love with this limited edition flight jacket from Alpha bearing the goat in gold. Speaking of goats and GOATS, the greatest thing in my life right now is underlayering. (I know I have a sad life, but mind your business.) In honor of the new lunar year I challenge ya’ll to play with proportions and try out a tiered look.


Flexing On A Flight

January 26, 2015

mens airport style ap3 french connection bag myc street style Anwar Carrots x PUMA mens airport style
Wearing: Coat: Topman| Tee: American Eagle| Hoodie: Boohoo| Jeans: DSTLD| Sneakers: Anwar Carrots x PUMA| Hat: Vintage| Bag: French Connection

You know how there are people who completely hate airports and flying? I’m the exact opposite. I’d have to assume it’s because my parents put so much effort into dressing up while traveling or  because I always assume the paparazzi are going to snap me at baggage claim like I’m Kim and Kanye in LAX. The key for acing that airport look is dressing as simple as possible. If you have to take more than 3 minutes to put your look back together after security screening then you’re a fool. Easy layers and shoes that don’t require too much effort to put back on are key. If you’re anything like me then you get either super hot or cold at the drop of a dime. That’s where the light layers come in. You can never go wrong with a classic zip up hoodie. When flexing on the TSA, don’t get to crazy on the accessories.  A bold hat or shades are way better than throwing on every damn chain that you own. (Unless you’re Drake)



How To Look Fly While Feeling Bummy

January 23, 2015

cr cr6 cr4 cr5 cr3 cr2

Wearing: Shirt: American Eagle| Hoodie: Champion| Bottoms: Topman| Sneakers: Jordan| Hat: Hurley

I have to keep it all the way 100. As much as I like rocking turtlenecks and double breasted coats at my core I can be just another bummy dude. You can’t be at 100% everyday, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look it. Don’t be tempted by that North Face fleece paired with some run down sweats and slides life. You can be just as comfortable in a fit like this. The hack to this trick is having a super comfortable base (my oversized hoodie) and building on top of that. I added the flannel on top to show off that your boy has his layering game down flat but to also distract that I’m just wearing a plain hoodie. Instead of joggers which EVERYONE seems to be in I opted for these two in one short/tights. They might not be your style, but you get where I’m going here. Avoid slippers and slide at all costs if you’re going outside. Have a pair of everyday shoes that you can stomp around in. I personally love these Jordan futures I got for Xmas, but a Roshe Run is suffice. (Unless you’re one of those crazy sneaker heads.)  Mix it all together and you’ll be looking like a bo$$ instead of a scrub the next time you have to be in public when you’d rather be under the covers cuddling up to a deli sandwich and Netflix.


How To Survive The Winter Without A Coat

January 15, 2015

mens layering nyc street style nyc streetwear mens denim on denim black timbs mens winter layering
Wearing: Vest: Sean John| Jacket: American Eagle| Hoodie: Uniqlo| Tee: Lost| Denim: J.Brand| Boots: Timberland

While I’ve written about parkas and top coats this week I’ll let you in on a little secret: you can totally get away with not wearing a heavy coat during the winter. (I’ve actually done it before, kinda.)  As an irresponsible millennial with health insurance, things like the flu and pneumonia don’t trump looking fly. You obviously can do that with some outerwear, but a good layering job can also do the trick. What I love about this specific combo is that if you get too wild in the clurb you won’t feel as bad losing your puffer vest  rather than your $400+ designer coat you just copped to flex on the gram. Besides that amazing example, dressing in several layers is ideal if you’re one of those people who gets super cold or hot easily. Since these layers are light you can adjust accordingly and change your fit at the same time.

Disclaimer: Daily Mister is not responsible if you get hypothermia or your mother slaps you upside the head for trying to stunt instead of bundling up.