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Spring Prep

March 23, 2015

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Wearing: Jacket: American Eagle| Sweatshirt: American Giant|Shirt: Descendant of Thieves Pants: Katin| Sneakers: Puma x Alife

As you know by know it’s officially spring. (Unless you live in New York, but then you should already know that springtime is mostly a myth that exists for 2 weeks before the beast that is summer.) This particular season can be a tricky temptress. While you’ll want to ditch the coats and run into the sunshine I highly suggest you chill out. (Pun not intended)  I love basic colored crewneck sweatshirts because they’re a little more versatile than a thick knit and easy to take off if the temps start to switch up midday. When going for a casual or “business casual” look (is that still a thing?) you can’t go wrong pairing with a button down underneath and khakis. If you’re smart with your layers you can start stunting in your lighter outerwear like denim, leather, and baseball jackets. There’s no exact formula for dressing for spring right now since it varies on region. (Well unless you’re in northeast. We’re going to have to wait another month before we fully get it.)


An Ode to Athletic Streetwear

December 4, 2014

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Wearing: Tee: American Giant| Hoodie: Threads 4 Thought| Pants: T by Alexander Wang| Sneakers: Puma| Hat: 40oz Van

One of my favorite things to do is look at old pictures of myself and see how much I dressed like a dweeb. (Your honor, Exhibit A!) There’s been an obvious transition in my style the last few years and it should be expected as one transitions from their late teens to their “early” twenties. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still don a brogue and sports coat when I’m feeling it, but I find myself waking up every morning thinking “How can I get away with wearing a snapback and sweats to work?”. While I’m sure many people think the same thing, I actually find myself going through with it on a regular basis. I’ve always had a connection with streetwear, but it’s move in the athletic arena hits close to home. Maybe it’s because at my core I appreciate the comfort, fit, and careefree vibes that these garments offer. Maybe I’m just another millennial holding on to never growing up and getting a “real job” where I have to wear a shirt and tie. I guess the only thing I do know is that these Alexander Wang track pants are dope and that’s all I need to get by.


State Property

October 21, 2014

mens sweatsuit  timbs and sweats mens nyc fashion mens street style

Wearing: Sweatshirt: American Giant| Sweatpants: French Connection| Boots: Timberland| Sunglasses: Komono

As of recent I’ve been really into all those hip hop crime dramas from the the late 90s/early 00s that my parents never let me watch. You know State Property, Belly, In too Deep, etc. Apparently all you needed to be a kingpin was an oversized Enyce jersey or a fly ass sweatsuit. Unfortunately I have too much self respect to wear the former. I’ve also been watching a lot of prison reality shows so this outfit is also an homage to the boys in the yard up north. (I don’t know what that means either.) If you’re going for that convict chic look I recommend murdered out boots, a murdered out beanie,  and a murder charge wouldn’t hurt either.


So Relaxed

February 10, 2014

cozy boy
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printed bucket hat
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Wearing: Jacket: American Giant| Sweater: Theory| Pants: Boohoo| Hat: Vans| Shoes: Pony x Colette

Last week my roommate said to me “Thank god you grew out of that cozy boy phase” upon noticing my lack of wearing sweatpants damn near everyday. Because of that comment and because I generally don’t know how to act, this look was born. When rocking sweats, your accessories can separate you from  bum to balla. The bucket hat and these sweet Pony x Colette collab sneakers make it look like I’m 30 minutes late to this meeting because I was too busy checking out my fit in the mirror and not 30 minutes late because I overslept. (Note: On any given day, either of those can be true.) If anyone has beef with your sweatpants tell them to kiss your comfortable a$$.

Photos: Freddy