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New Year’s Eve Baby

December 28, 2016







Wearing: Shirt: ASOS// Jacket: Kenneth Cole (Similar)// Tank: H&M (Similar)// Jeans: Big Star (Similar)// Shoes: ASOS// Jewelry: Giles & Brother 

I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve stopped hyping New Year’s Eve. I’ve been the bozo running around the streets of New York in a bright blazer and bow tie, but this year I’m opting for something more chill. While I’m not going all out, I still love being “festive.” If you’re still looking for some outfit inspo, I’m pretty obsessed with this look. I’ve been waiting to bust out this pajama shirt since it’s a lot of look, but it’s the perfect party piece. The top is a LEWQ so I made sure to dress around it. (Besides the shining patent shoes and the gold bling, of course.) Personally, I have no idea what I’m doing this year, but I’m sure I’ll end up singing Rihanna’s Work at the top of my lungs while dancing on top of a couch and clinging to a half empty bottle of champagne in my hand.


Collins Ave

August 9, 2016
miami beach

mens summer style mens summer outfits kyboe watch miami beach
Wearing: H&M (Similar)// Shorts: Big Star Denim// Sneakers: Puma// Hat: Stetson (Similar)// Watch: Kyboe

Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean your style also has to take time off. (But seriously, save your trash fits for the privacy of your own home.) To play off the South Beach architecture and colors, I decided to go with something more muted as a contrast. I’m awful at packing, but one thing I make sure to do is make sure my pieces will look good in the environment. Don’t forget: ABBTG. (Always be thinking of the gram.)



June 30, 2016

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mens summer fashion
Wearing: Shirt: Hang Ten/ Tee: Richer Poorer// Shorts: Big Star// Hat: Goorin Bros. (Similar)// Sneakers: Dr. Scholl’s

I’m no stranger to the printed short sleeve. I DJ’d a luau party the other weekend and discovered I had 6 different options to pick from. (Including this shirt.) If you’re going to buy one, I say go all the way. Subtly is for the birds. This shirt has a lot going on which is great, because it makes styling it super simple. I opted for my summer staples of a pocket tee, cut off shorts, and some white low tops. You might not be ready to drop a lot of money on a piece like this since it’s the middle of summer and that’s cool too. You can literally find a really dope one at your local vintage store for under $15.


Beanie Man

May 17, 2016

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how to wear a summer beanie

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Wearing: Tee: H&M// Jeans: Big Star// Boots: Samual Hubbard (Similar)//Glasses: Komono (Similar)//Beanie:Asos

I was on a team call the other day and when asked what I was “obsessed” with this wear I panicked, caught a glimpse of my reflection and said “uhh beanies when it’s warm outside.” Which brings me to today’s style lesson. Is it OK to still wear beanies after the winter or in a warmer climate? SURE, but there are a couple things to consider. If it’s 90+ degrees outside then the obvious answer is no. I like to play the proportion game. You can wear them with long sleeves and shorts or with a short sleeve shirt and full-length pant. (Basically, 1/2 of your limbs have to be covered.) Anything else is pushing it, fam. Beanies are perfect if you’re having a bad hair day or like me, have started to go prematurely bald before 25. Let the summer beanie live on like it did with trashbag originator Colin Farrel in the early 2000s.