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So Hood

November 28, 2016
mens cashmere hoodie

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Wearing: Hoodie: Mitchell Evan //Jacket: American Eagle// Pants: Chapter (Similar)// Sneakers: Kenneth Cole (Similar)// Hat: Dr. Denim (Similar)

If we’re keeping 100, I probably wear hoodies all year long. (Yes, including in the summer because I have no idea what chill is or a basic understanding of weather.) I’m sure another site will tell you different, but I think a good hooded sweatshirt is a staple in every dude’s wardrobe, even if he’s not into streetwear. One major tip I can share on this topic is that your regular gym hoodie should NEVER be the same as your outfit hoodie. (That’s just nasty.) You really can’t go wrong with a heather gray piece. It’s classic and much like the one I’m wearing in this post, they can even be hella elevated. (I hate that word btw.) Go ‘head and splurge on a nice hoodie for yourself, it not just for hypebeasts and cozy boys anymore.


Black is the Same Old Black

October 1, 2015

mens all black outfit mens black baseball jacket m mens nyc street style art comes first fashion timberland west haven street etiquette fashion
Wearing: H&M Jacket//H&M Polo//Chapter Trousers//Timberland Boots//Goorin Bros Hat

What is that I felt this morning? Was it….finally a chill in the air? Indeed, it was and you’re damn sure know I’m taking advantage of mixing and matching layers. That being said, I’ve purposely made sure to steer clear of wearing all black in posts and focusing on other neutrals as well as featuring some bursts of color here and there. Black is back, y’all! In a city like New York you can really blend into the background in black on black on black, so I like to add a couple of touches to stand out. The olive green hat is great for fall because it’ll go with anything you wear this season, but doesn’t distract from your dark color pattern. Some might say the charcoal trousers are cheating (HI HATERS!), but I think an outfit should never look flat. While I totally see myself stepping out in a black hat, black sweater, black skinny jeans, and black boots I challenge you guys to mix it up a little.

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6 Shorts To Stunt In

June 24, 2015

mens fashionable summer
Sun’s out, calves out. Alright that’s not an actual saying and I could probably think of a better pun, but I’m running on fumes here. Whatever it’s finally warm enough to wear shorts without catching a side eye from a judgemental busybody like myself. Oversized, jort, or sweatshort: take a look at some of my current faves and get some sun on those limbs.

Carhartt WIP | Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen | Chapter
Public School | Woolrich Woolen Mills | Reigning Champ


In The Clouds

June 22, 2015

mens outfit inspiration mens summer outfits mens fashion style mens apron shorts mens fashion editorial

Wearing: Shirt: Boohoo| Shorts: Chapter| Hat: Sir New York| Shoes| DIY

If I ran a boarding school I’m pretty sure that’d make faux leather collar shirts, oversized shorts, and snapbacks part of the warm weather uniform, but then again who’d let me be in charge of their child? Speaking of oversized shorts, I’m completely crushing on them. (Lest we forget.) The exaggerated pocket on these give off an apron silhouette and has so much room for the essentials. (You know: phone, keys, wallet, candy, drink tickets, etc.) Enough about the outfit can we talk about how sick this background is?! Gotta love that NYC architecture.