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Stealth Mode

October 12, 2016
mens street fashion new york

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mens street fashion new york

mens street style nyc
Wearing: Jacket: TY-LR// Shirt: Dr. Denim// Pants: Kenneth Cole// Boots: Samuel Hubbard

You’d think that at this point in my life I’d try to actively not wear sweatpants on a daily basis, but NAH. I will say though that my style has “elevated” a tad since I first wrote about being a cozy boy a couple of years ago.  Slowly, but surely I’m embracing minimalism so the average pair of sweats won’t cut it. I personally love these trousers from Kenneth Cole because the fit, feel, and style are all on point. (I’m also a sucker for a good tuxedo stripe.) The next time you go to buy a pair of joggers try for something in a black, navy, or dark gray. To be super low-key opt for cuffs that don’t bunch at the bottom. (It makes a huge difference., I promise.)


Coziest Man in the Room

December 7, 2015

mens cozy boi look mens layering style digi camo boots mens streetwear blogger mens nyc street style
Wearing: Kith x Ones Stroke Coat// Grayers Sweater// Stussy Track Pants// Soft Science Boots

At this point I’m trying to trying to take my rightful position as captain of the Cozy Boy Committee. (Can we make this a real thing?) While I created this blog initially to encourage young men to get up and get dressed, I’ve obviously abandoned those goals with looks like this. So here’s the thing: there’s a HUGE different between looking like a Cozy Boy and a Lazy Boy. (Not to be confused with those comfortable chairs.) With any outfit you never want to look sloppy. This is particularly important if you’re going for a laid back look. Whether you’re going super slouchy or very tapered make sure the fit and proportions are on point. Personally I channeled my grandpa in this robe, sweater, and pant ensemble. I don’t suggest any of this for a first date or big interview, but it’s perfect for the weekends rolling in and out of bed.

Sneaker Sundays

Electric Slides

August 12, 2014

Nike Benassi Solarsoft Slide Liquid Metal Pack”

Apparently silver slippers are more for than just for Dorothy. Continuing the success of the “Liquid Metal Pack” (the fact I never copped the Air Maxs still keeps me up at night) the Nike team decided to move over this limited look to the Benassi Solarsoft Slide. We all know I’m on board for a man sandal moment and a metallic kick, but I understand why these wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Besides a luxury cozy boy beauty pageant and the occasional stunt, these aren’t for everyday wear. If you are a soul brave enough to rock then you better not even think about wearing these without hosiery. You should have a strong solid colored ankle or calf high game by now. You’ll also only have a couple more months at both to pull these shenanigans off on the East Coast so don’t dilly dally.

Nike Benassi Solarsoft Slide Liquid Metal Pack”
These fancy flops drop on August 14th. Will you be picking up these metallic kicks?



Killa Season

May 13, 2014

killa cam
men how to wear pink
cozy boy
pink bucket hat
puma trinomic
mens summer basics
Wearing:  Vest: ThiftedTee: Gap| Sweatpants: Asos| Sneakers: Puma| Hat: Souvenir from Freddy

It’s 2014 and I still don’t get my some dudes still have qualms with wearing pink. You’d think we’d be cool with it after Cam’ron’s pink phase. (Sidenote: what do you think happened to that pink fur or Range Rover.) Unfortunately it’s not the early 2000′s anymore so I had to channel my inner Killa Cam through some current spring season basics. Forging onto next, season I’m still on the cozy boy train. If you want to pull it off during the warmer weather seasons then I suggest stocking up on your solid white and grey tees. On the sweats front, you can mix it up with sweat shorts or picking a pair of sweatpants with some color and/or prints. It’s springtime so it’s the perfect point to mix it up. If all else fails, What Would Cam Do?