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Hawaiian Prints

August 1, 2013

hawaiian print shirt

ombre shorts

printed hat
Wearing: Shirt: Vintage| Tee: American Eagle| Shorts: DIY-Gap| Shoes: Ecco| Hat: Katin

It’s officially August which mean’s that the summer is soon coming to an end. One thing I won’t miss is the question” ” What are your plans for the summer?”. Seriously! I have no idea why people ask that question when 8 times out of 10 they probably don’t care.

If you’re wondering what my plans are, you’re looking at them. Since a vacation isn’t in the cards I don’t see any harm in dressing like I’m on one right now. Hawaiian prints are poppin’ right now so might as well take advantage.

Photos: Freddy

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July 11, 2013


This isn't actually mine but isn't it awesome?

This isn’t actually mine but isn’t it awesome?

Birthday girl's wrist game.

Birthday girl’s wrist game.

The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl

Wearing: Shirt: Hugh & Crye| Shorts: DIY’d Vintage  Shoes: Vans| Sunglasses: Warby Parker 

There’s something about birthday celebrations that I’ve always loved. (Maybe it’s because I’m always looking for a legitimate reason to party?) It takes a lot of determination to go outside on a 90+ degree day, BUT I did just that as I made the trek from Manhattan to Queens to help celebrate the birthday of my really good friend/fellow blogger, Lara from We Heart BeautyBrunch, Fro-Yo, and catching up with old friends from college made the journey completely worth it.

Sorry for the lack of actual outfit shots, but you can blame it on the unlimited champagne.

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Quirky Executive Realness

April 1, 2011

Random things inspire my blog posts. One of them is staying up late all night and watching my favorite documentary Paris Is Burning. I can’t go into too much detail to spoil it for you but it’s all about dressing like someone else and embracing their characteristics. I decided to embrace the delusional executive in me.

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Pierre Cardin
Pants: Quiksilver
Blazer: Vintage
Ring: DIY

This is not my first post about a Paris Is Burning outfit I felt like that guy in a really professional office who comes off as a tad bit eccentric. The guy who wears greens pants purposefully and doesn’t tuck his tie into his sweater.

My favorite part of my outfit is my DIY three fingered ring that I created with the help of fellow blogger Kirsten Gail of Studs & Pearls. I made it the same day this photo was taken and it is sincerely one of my favorite accessories.


VIDEO: P.S.-I Made This Book Trailer

September 23, 2010


I met Erica Domesek this past spring at at an Quiksilver/Roxy press event where she helped me craft my very own skateboard deck. (Which is currently sitting somewhere in my parent’s house.) Little did I know that she was the brain child behind the amazing  DIY website P.S- I Made This. Ms. Domesek has her new book out with the same title as her website. Check out the trailer above.