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Brothers In Arms

August 25, 2015

how to wear a military shirt
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L-Train Vintage Shirt| Velvet Tees Tee| Express Jeans| New Balance x Herschel Supply Sneakers

Because I’ve seen try to exercise self-control and flex my adult bone I’ve been saving, and heading to my local thrift store more and more instead of dropping stacks for a garment I’ll probably wear once just for the blog/gram. That being said, every time I’ve gone into these stores I’ve always been fascinated with the military shirts. There’s something cool thinking about what that piece might have seen. If you want to go for this look I recommend pairing with something simple. This is an outfit and not a Halloween costume. Coincidentally enough, my good friend from Oh Anthonio agrees and put his on stank on the military aesthetic last week.


Odd Man Out

September 22, 2014

how to wear socks with sandals
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Wearing: Shirt: Katin| Jeans: Big Star| Hat: Vintage| Socks & Sandals: Teva x Woolrich
You might be asking yourself “How did homeboy go from wearing a simple bomber look to dressing like a homeless person who’s read too many Japanese streetwear zines?” 1) That’s mad rude and 2) Because variety is the spice of life. (Or at least that’s what the fortune cookie I had last night said.) Textures, textures, textures. That’s what’s it all about people, well mixing them that is. I’m no stranger to dubiously pairing pieces together, but I encourage you to do so as well this season. Also socks and sandals are still a thing for me and this new collab from Teva and Woolrich both proves that point and gives me a new go-to set to don until the frigid cold comes. (I have to draw a line somewhere, folks.) Go forth with mixing textures and rocking your socks and sandals. The only thing you should be embarrassed about this season is ordering anything pumpkin flavored while in public.