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Always Bet On Black

April 11, 2016

mens all black outfit mens longline plaid shirt mens longline black hoodie mens nyc fashion cat colorado boot how to wear a longline shirt
Wearing: Shirt H&M// Hoodie:H&M (Similar)// Jeans: French Connection//Boots: Cat Footwear// Hat: 10 Deep

I don’t care what season it is, I’ll still find a way to wear an all black fit. With this look, I wanted to show how the white accents can add a little depth to a murdered out ensemble. Another ~aesthetic~ choice I’m bringing into spring is the 80s/90s bad boy with the heart of gold. You know, the one who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, but turns out to be a great person at the end of the story. Long story short: hoodies under plaid shirts, distressed denim, and work boots are still poppin. And as the prophet Future said: “You do what you want when you’re poppin.’”


Pop, Lock, & Crop It

November 17, 2015

mens winter layering how to wear a crop top mens mens cropped top yeezy season black mens winter street style
Wearing: Jacket: Coach// Sweater: French Connection// Shirt: ASOS// Jeans: French Connection// Hat: Bailey of Hollywood// Shoes: Steve Madden

It’s that time of year again to officially start switching up your closet. (Bless your heart if you a space big enough to keep all of your stuff in one place all year round.) Before bringing back all my winter gear, I decided to go through it all to either keep, donate, or edit. I’ve made note of this before, but if you’re on a budget (turn up for fiscal responsibility!) then altering your clothes is much easier than going out and getting new stuff. That being said, I grabbed a pair of scissors and started cropping some sweaters. Drawing inspiration from Yeezy Season, I wanted to go for that unfinished look. I can’t tell you exactly where to cut because it depends on your body type and how bold you want to be. I can tell you ,however, that these look great with longer shirts underneath. Since I’m on the shorter side, I get the illusion of having a torso for once. It may not be for everybody, but might as well try to rock the crop at least once.


Leading The Primaries

October 22, 2015

how to wear a satin jacketmens street fashion brooks heritage sneakers mens nyc streetstyle vintage hbo jacket
Wearing: L-Train Vintage Jacket//Thrifted Sweatshirt//French Connection Jeans//Brooks Heritage Sneakers//H&M Hat

Remember that period of time in the 2000′s where everything in your fit had to match perfectly? I’m taking about a matching jacket, a matching fitted (remember those?!), and matching sneakers. While that might have been borderline tragic, it wasn’t that much a bad idea if you think about it. In moderation, color coordination can be pretty dope. I’ve had these sneakers for a while and didn’t post, even though I loved them. It wasn’t until I was doing my usual rounds at the thrift store and found this jacket, that I immediately knew I’d found the perfect pairing. While this is nice to do once in a while, I wouldn’t make this kind of look a usual thing. You don’t want to be known as the “matchy-matchy” guy. (Or maybe you do…It’ll probably get you more Instagram followers so do what you gotta do.)

Ed note: Shoutout to you if you get the double entendre in the post title. (If not you’re still cool, I suppose.)


5 Ways To Wear The Summer Sweater

August 11, 2015

how to wear a sweater in the summer
Wearing: Sweater: French Connection| Tee: J.Crew| Shorts: Club Monaco| Sneakers: K-Swiss x Billy Reid| Hat: Vera Largo

The summer is nearly over. If that brings you any sadness, just remember that outerwear season is 10x better, fit wise. All that brings me to say that the cooling temps are starting to roll in (especially at night) and there’s nothing wrong with rocking the summer sweater. What is that, you ask? Well, it’s your transitional lightweight knit that can be donned on top of any summer look. Check out the 5 ways to wear one below.

mens summer style
Tied Around Your Torso
You know what’s hot in the streets. You’re an urban explorer (or blogger) who has no time for fussing with your clothing while you’re running through the streets with your woes or jumping for your posed Instagram.

how to tie a sweater around your waist
Tied Around Your Waist
“90s style, your finest style” said rap goddess and fashion prophet, Foxy Brown. Obviously a clutch method since we’ve been tying everyone around the midsection for the last year. Beware when doing this because you run the risk of looking like an Eastern European tourist.

carlton banks style
Tied Around Your Shoulders
Nothing says I’m better and more preppy than this look. Made famous by Carlton Banks and those dudes whose dads had a country club membership. Don’t let the negative connotations of this style bring you down if you really want to try it out. Please note that I am not responsible for your demise when the working class finally says the jig is up and brings down the bourgeoisie in a bloody fashion.

mens nyc streetstyle
Not At All
I’m not your dad, I can’t tell you what to do. (Actually email me a price and we can negotiate that.) With summer knits come great responsibility. You got to know when to fold em and when to hold them. Basically, take off the sweater if you think you’re going to pass out from heat exhaustion. A look is not worth dying for. (Lol it is, what am I saying?)

mens transitional style
Wear It Like It’s Meant to be Worn
If we’re keeping it 1-0-0 then we all know how a sweater is traditionally worn. Instead of all these knots just throw the sweater on in all its glory. When picking out your summer knit I recommend something nautical inspired or something light on white or grey. Let’s leave all the heavy stuff for fall and winter.