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October 25, 2016
nyc style blogger mens

mens nyc style mens street fashion mens streetwear street style nyc style blogger mens vintage looney tunes looney tunes hoodie
Wearing: Shirt: Grayers// Hoodie: L Train Vintage// Jeans: Neuw// Sneakers: Vans

As much I love fashion and working in the industry, sometimes I just want to step and be like “lol guys it’s not that serious.” I’m always down for some fun, even if it means picking up this Looney Tunes hoodie from my favorite thrift store. Even scrolling through my own instagram there are a lot of pictures of my in neutral colors giving a mean mug. That being said, I decided to switch it up for y’all. Since the sweatshirt is the highlight I wanted to style around it in a casual streetwear look. I’m also working on smiling more since it’s free, ya know.



January 27, 2016

how to pull of baggy trousers

grayers mens jacket

mens workwear trends

mens longline sweaters

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urban nyc streetstyle
Wearing: Jacket: Grayers// Sweater: TY-LR// Pants: Levi’s Made & Crafted// Sneakers: Puma// Hat: Baldwin

I have several sartorial allegiances. By glancing at the blog you can tell those ¬†include: my commitment to wearing hats 95% of the time, dedication to a cozy boy lifestyle and finally my love of monochromatic outfits. As for the last part if I’m not in all black I tend to be in all blue even though I just discovered how wonderful camel looks on my skin tone. (More on the latter in another post.) I’ve mentioned it time and time again, but the key to nailing this look is making sure your hues work with each other and doesn’t look like you tried to go with one tone and you missed the nail on the head. For this specific look, I added to white accents to make it look a little lighter. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m dressed like I belong in a Gentry lookbook.


Coziest Man in the Room

December 7, 2015

mens cozy boi look mens layering style digi camo boots mens streetwear blogger mens nyc street style
Wearing: Kith x Ones Stroke Coat// Grayers Sweater// Stussy Track Pants// Soft Science Boots

At this point I’m trying to trying to take my rightful position as captain of the Cozy Boy Committee. (Can we make this a real thing?) While I created this blog initially to encourage young men to get up and get dressed, I’ve obviously abandoned those goals with looks like this. So here’s the thing: there’s a HUGE different between looking like a Cozy Boy and a Lazy Boy. (Not to be confused with those comfortable chairs.) With any outfit you never want to look sloppy. This is particularly important if you’re going for a laid back look. Whether you’re going super slouchy or very tapered make sure the fit and proportions are on point. Personally I channeled my grandpa in this robe, sweater, and pant ensemble. I don’t suggest any of this for a first date or big interview, but it’s perfect for the weekends rolling in and out of bed.


Working Overtime

October 13, 2015

how to do work wear mens fall fashion trend grayers shirts cat footwear boots mens field jacket mens nyc streetstyle fall
Wearing: Timberland Jacket//Grayers Shirt//DSTLD Jeans// Cat Footwear Boots

We can all agree that normcore is/was a joke, right? (Don’t worry, this is a safe space and nodding your head in approval at your screen is fine.) That being said, it’s great to see us moving on from that to workwear. If we’re being 100, dressing in field jackets, denim, and work boots is the closest thing I’ll get to looking like I can do physical labor. (Full disclosure: I’m at work right now in a snapback, skinny jeans, and limited edition purple sneakers if that’s indignant of anything.) The key to pulling off this style well is fit. Denimwise, you want to go for a straight or slim fit style. Wearing skinny jeans takes away from the authenticity and it is not acceptable to wear relaxed/boot cut in the year of our lord 2015. And just like that you can look like the flyest ranch hand in these streets.

Will you be trying the workwear trend this season?