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how to wear overalls


Playground Pimpin’

November 27, 2017

how to wear overalls men

 Overalls: Dr. Denim// Tee: Penfield// Beanie: Puma x Gunner Stahl (Similar)// Sneakers: Puma

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mens cool overalls

I’m no stranger to overalls, but every pair I’ve ever gotten were more slouchy. (Think a hypebeast plumber or 90s sidekick.) I got this pair from Dr. Denim and was incredibly suspect of them until I wore them with this outfit. If you’re getting overalls in a skinny fit, I highly suggest sizing up to decrease you risk factor of splitting them wide open when you’re acting a fool. (I assume this is something I’m not the only person who takes this into consideration when buying clothes.)  This look is pretty simple, but I figure a grown man in the same outfit as a toddler was enough.


Farmer Brown

May 25, 2016

how to wear overalls mens

mens overalls how to wear

how to wear overalls mens



men in overalls

Wearing: Overalls: Rollas// Tee: H&M// Boots: Timberland// Hat: Penfield// Watch: Shore Projects

Even though overalls can easily make you look like a toddler about to head to pre-school it could be a strong look if you pick the right pair. Since my style is more laid back I opted for a slouchy pair and wore them lose. (Personally, I think wearing them all the way up is a little lame, but do you.) And, of course, I’m still about dressing monotonically (I looked it up to make sure it’s a real word) so I paired it with a simple tee, hat, and boots. Go head and stunt on your local orgainc dairy farmer.


90′s Baby

November 6, 2013

men in overalls
fashion overalls
blogger overalls
90s style
clae shoes

Wearing: Overalls: Forever 21| Tee: Quiksilver| Shirt: Uniqlo| Shoes: Clae

You can take the boy out of the decade, but you can’t take the trashbag out of the boy. That’s how the saying goes, right?  I’m a huge fan of the overall (as seen here) and I’m not afraid to don them whenever available. While it may be “trendy” for the girls, a glorified denim onesie can be considered sus for dudes. Personally I enjoy looking like the goofy bestfriend in a 90s sitcom or secondary lead singer in an R&B band. That being said, I have catch the time machine back to the Blackstreet video shoot.

Photos: Freddy

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Over It All

May 29, 2013

mens overalls

90s snapback

stylish overalls

menswear blogger dancing

90s blogger

Photos: Shannon Stiggins

Wearing: Overalls: Thrift| Tee: Onassis| Sneakers: Nike| Hat: 99 Cent Store| Headphones: Urbanears

I’ve noticed many of my female counterparts rocking the overalls look so I decided to rep for the fellas. With the right styling and attitude a gloried denim jumpsuit doesn’t have to make you look like a farmer.

The 90′s may be over but it doesn’t hurt to revisit them occasionally as long as you don’t look like a walking cliché.

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