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Coach Duty

May 10, 2016

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Wearing: Jacket: Penfield// Tee: H&M// Pants: Katin (Similar)// Sneakers: Nike// Hat: Penfield

The only outerwear that matter this season is the coach jacket. (Well right before denim, bomber, and leather jackets, but I digress.) I personally love the coach because it’s crazy easy to wear and style. When picking out the right one I suggest going for something that can both stand out on its own as well as complement your tees and shirts. For this particular look ,I treated the jacket like a shirt and dressed fairly monochromatically. Again white accents help break up a fit so you don’t look like you escaped from the state prison. (Which isn’t an awful look tbh, but you don’t need those problems.)



Wet Hot American Summer

August 3, 2015

mens vintage fashion boy with ice cream mens vintage tees blue van hi tops melting ice cream on hand
Wearing: Tee: L Train Vintage| Shorts: Gap| Hat: Katin| Sneakers:Vans Bracelet: Giles & Brother

Things I did this weekend: Went to Full Moon Fest, drank way too many frozen beverages, and binged watched Wet Hot American Summer. Because I’m the worst,  I ran down to the thrift store mid marathon to find a shirt that properly paid homage. Since we’re one the last leg of summer it’s the perfect time to remember to take it easy. Fun fact: spending 5 bucks on a shirt is great because you won’t feel bad getting ice cream and rum all over yourself by the time you get home.

*Ed note: Netflix did not sponsor this post, but I’m sure they could afford to.*


How Bout Them Cowboys

May 11, 2015

mens fashion bloggers vintage cowbpys tee mens urban fashion blue vans high tops how to wear jeans and tee mens nyc bloggers
Wearing: Tee: L-Train Vintage| Jeans: H&M| Sneakers: Vans (Custom)| Hat: Katin

Always one to belabor a point, here’s a continuation of how to sport athletic gear. With this look, I really wanted to channel a vintage vibe. Think The Wonder Years meets That 70′s Show. These styles seem to be popping up in every storefront I see. If you really want to be authentic, I highly recommend rummaging through your local thrift/vintage store. I’ve been off my game for a while until the last two weekends where I was reminded how much I loved find a dope piece after digging through racks. It might be a tad laborious but the prize is very much worth it and you won’t walk around in the same digs as everyone else.


Spring Prep

March 23, 2015

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mens fashion blogger
Wearing: Jacket: American Eagle| Sweatshirt: American Giant|Shirt: Descendant of Thieves Pants: Katin| Sneakers: Puma x Alife

As you know by know it’s officially spring. (Unless you live in New York, but then you should already know that springtime is mostly a myth that exists for 2 weeks before the beast that is summer.) This particular season can be a tricky temptress. While you’ll want to ditch the coats and run into the sunshine I highly suggest you chill out. (Pun not intended)  I love basic colored crewneck sweatshirts because they’re a little more versatile than a thick knit and easy to take off if the temps start to switch up midday. When going for a casual or “business casual” look (is that still a thing?) you can’t go wrong pairing with a button down underneath and khakis. If you’re smart with your layers you can start stunting in your lighter outerwear like denim, leather, and baseball jackets. There’s no exact formula for dressing for spring right now since it varies on region. (Well unless you’re in northeast. We’re going to have to wait another month before we fully get it.)