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See You Again

August 1, 2018

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Wearing: Glasses: Zenni// Jacket: Topman// Pants: Ben Sherman// Sneakers: Converse

There’s always been one constant staple in my life since the 5th grade and that is glasses. Literally I’ve worn glasses everyday of my life for the last 15 plus years. (Don’t do the math.) As I’ve gotten older and took more control over my style, (AKA started making money to buy clothes) eyewear has always been important to me. That being said, I’m super hype to team up with Zenni on this post. The team over there kills with with affordable and attractive eyewear. The price point is in that perfect sweet spot where you can pick up a pair for everyday and a pair when you want to flex a little, hence these dope aviators.  I also picked up a crystal pair that you’ll prob see on insta all of the time.

I highly suggest you check out Zenni and cop a new pair of frames from for yourself.

This post was sponsored by Zenni but all opinions expressed are my own. (Because I REALLY care about what’s on my face all day!)

Buy It

BUY IT: Warby Parker Glasses

June 12, 2011

You may or my not know that I am terribly near sided which means that I  constantly need a pair of strong prescription glasses affixed to my face. Now if you REALLY know me personally then you might have known that I broke my vintage metal aviator frames (seen here) all the way back in December.  At this time a regular person would have either gotten that pair fixed for found a new pair in a short amount of time. I happen to not be a “regular” person.” Let’s just say that it took months and a couple $5 street vendor frames later until I found the perfect pair. Enter Warby Parker.

A fellow editor of mine, Jessica Lapidos, told me of a brand that sold affordable frames , gave to charity, and were super cool. I immediately made an appointment to visit the Warby Parker showroom in Manhattan. I fell in love with the many styles and colors of glasses. The employes were amazing helped my find the perfect pair of glasses. (Which I got in 2 colors)

All glasses start $95 except the monocle (yes, a monocle!) You can either visit a showroom or order your glasses online. You can even enter your eye prescription and they will put them in for you. I think my favorite aspect of these guys is that they have a “Buy A Pair, Give a Pair” program where they try to serve the one billion people on earth who do not have access to glasses whenever a pair is purchased.

I highly recommend you check them out at and @WarbyParker

And tomorrow I’ll show off my new glasses in a new outfit.