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Neons Lights

April 3, 2017

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Wearing: Jacket: ASOS// Hoodie: Primark// Shirt: American Eagle// Jeans: Primark// Boots: Caterpillar

Now that spring is allegedly here (you can’t be too sure in the northeast) it’s a perfect time to talk about my favorite trend for the upcoming season, NEON! I wish I was joking, but all I want to do is look like a highlighter. I’m talking about bright yellows, oranges, blues, you get the picture. Before I get carried away, I’m trying to introduce some key pieces in my wardrobe, which I suggest you do as well. I wanted to complement the bright yellow with tints of green. Honestly, if you’re going anywhere in a crazy color hoodie you might as well have fun with the whole fit.


Beanie Man

May 17, 2016

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Wearing: Tee: H&M// Jeans: Big Star// Boots: Samual Hubbard (Similar)//Glasses: Komono (Similar)//Beanie:Asos

I was on a team call the other day and when asked what I was “obsessed” with this wear I panicked, caught a glimpse of my reflection and said “uhh beanies when it’s warm outside.” Which brings me to today’s style lesson. Is it OK to still wear beanies after the winter or in a warmer climate? SURE, but there are a couple things to consider. If it’s 90+ degrees outside then the obvious answer is no. I like to play the proportion game. You can wear them with long sleeves and shorts or with a short sleeve shirt and full-length pant. (Basically, 1/2 of your limbs have to be covered.) Anything else is pushing it, fam. Beanies are perfect if you’re having a bad hair day or like me, have started to go prematurely bald before 25. Let the summer beanie live on like it did with trashbag originator Colin Farrel in the early 2000s.


Don’t Call It A Comeback

April 26, 2016

how to wear a tropical printed shirt how to wear a hawaiian shirt mens fashion blogger mens gold rings kenneth cole suede wingtip mens fashion portraits nyc
Wearing: Shirt: Penfield// Tee: H&M// Jeans: Levi’s (Similar)// Shoes: Kenneth Cole// Hat: Goorin Bros. (Similar)// Rings: THEYSTYLED.US

Going back through this blog there are pictures of me rocking the tropical shirt. (Oh hey, 2013.) Apparently after all this time some people still don’t know how to wear the short sleeve printed shirt without looking like an extra in The Brady Bunch Goes to Hawaii. (Nvm, that actually sounds amazing.) If you’re not on an island, you’ve got to do better. While you can wear one of these several ways, I decided to style it open with a white tee underneath to break up the print. It’s a little early in NYC to wear shorts so I teamed it with a straight leg pair of jeans (it’s not just all about the slim/skinny fits) and light colored shoes. As with everything,, accessorize according to your own taste. Obviously I’ve never met a wide brim hat I didn’t like and a little something something on my fingers.