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Beanie Man

May 17, 2016

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Wearing: Tee: H&M// Jeans: Big Star// Boots: Samual Hubbard (Similar)//Glasses: Komono (Similar)//Beanie:Asos

I was on a team call the other day and when asked what I was “obsessed” with this wear I panicked, caught a glimpse of my reflection and said “uhh beanies when it’s warm outside.” Which brings me to today’s style lesson. Is it OK to still wear beanies after the winter or in a warmer climate? SURE, but there are a couple things to consider. If it’s 90+ degrees outside then the obvious answer is no. I like to play the proportion game. You can wear them with long sleeves and shorts or with a short sleeve shirt and full-length pant. (Basically, 1/2 of your limbs have to be covered.) Anything else is pushing it, fam. Beanies are perfect if you’re having a bad hair day or like me, have started to go prematurely bald before 25. Let the summer beanie live on like it did with trashbag originator Colin Farrel in the early 2000s.


Vacationing For The Gram

July 29, 2015

mens spring fashion mens nyc steet style summer how to wear a floral shirt mens mens nyc style how to wear a bucket hat mens fashion editorial
Wearing: Shirt: L Train Vintage| Shorts: Old Boy Scouts Uniform| Shoes: Ecco| Hat: Kangol

Just by looking at Instagram it seems like everyone is going everywhere this summer. Personally, the farthest I’ve been out of the city was a trippy journey to the woods of the Catskills. (That’s a story I will not tell unless I’m 3 tequila-sodas deep.) Whether you’re being fiscally responsible or living the broke boy life, there’s no reason  for you not to pop off some fire grams while staying local. (Don’t let all the kids with deep-pocketed parents and sponsors have all the fun.) A couple things you can do to feel like you’re traveling: 1) Venture out and do some local day trips that inexpensive, but you’ve never put real thought into. 2) Wear all those floral shirts before the fall hits. 3) Only drink pina coladas from now until Labor Day. (Actually don’t do that)


Athleisure & Other Made Up Words

July 7, 2015

mens athleisure how to wear track pants mens fashion blogger how to wear long line mens nyc street style
Wearing: Tee: Urban Outfitters| Pants: T by Alexander Wang| Hat: Supra| Glasses: Monokel| Sneakers: Nike

Athleisure (noun) – A made up word by the fashion industry, created to identify the trend of activewear becoming prevalent in ready-to-wear.

Here’s the thing, we really don’t need to explain why people want to be comfortable. Moms will always inappropriately wear their yoga pants and dudes will always wear basketball shorts even when ball isn’t life. I might be getting too old to claim the cozy boy life so I guess athlesuire will do for the time being. The cool thing about this is you can mix your high-end pieces with the regular stuff you can find in your average sporting goods stores. Case in point: these Wang track pants that I’ve worn with $5 white tees is a clutch look in the warm weather when you’re trying to keep it low key. (If you’re wondering the hierarchy of bottoms in the summer, it’s jorts>track pants>slouchy trousers>skinny jeans>dress pants.)


No New Neutrals

June 30, 2015

mens fashion neutrals mens nyc streetstyle mens fashion blogger mens fashion portrait how to wear neutrals
Wearing: Tee: Threads 4 Thought | Pants: L Train Vintage | Cap: Asos | Sandals: Dr. Scholl’s x Steven Alan

This time of the year is peak for prints, patterns, and pops of color. No matter the season, it’s important to still have a grasp of your neutrals. While it might be cool to wear black 365 in major metropolitan cities, the black and gray scheme doesn’t have to be the minimalists go to. Check out the other end of the spectrum and try off-whites and work your way to browns. These are typically easier to find in light fabrics so you don’t have to melt while doing your stunts and shows. This happens to also be one of my favorite tee shirts because it’s linen and has a good shape. Speaking of which, cut and silhouette are crazy important in lighter clothes because they don’t fit everyone one the same way. (Take it from the guy who can’t find a long line shirt to fit a short torso’d frame to save his life.)