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Farmer Brown

May 25, 2016

how to wear overalls mens

mens overalls how to wear

how to wear overalls mens



men in overalls

Wearing: Overalls: Rollas// Tee: H&M// Boots: Timberland// Hat: Penfield// Watch: Shore Projects

Even though overalls can easily make you look like a toddler about to head to pre-school it could be a strong look if you pick the right pair. Since my style is more laid back I opted for a slouchy pair and wore them lose. (Personally, I think wearing them all the way up is a little lame, but do you.) And, of course, I’m still about dressing monotonically (I looked it up to make sure it’s a real word) so I paired it with a simple tee, hat, and boots. Go head and stunt on your local orgainc dairy farmer.


Coach Duty

May 10, 2016

mens streetwear nyc

how to wear a coach jacket

penfield coach jacket

mens fashion editorial

nyc mens street style

Wearing: Jacket: Penfield// Tee: H&M// Pants: Katin (Similar)// Sneakers: Nike// Hat: Penfield

The only outerwear that matter this season is the coach jacket. (Well right before denim, bomber, and leather jackets, but I digress.) I personally love the coach because it’s crazy easy to wear and style. When picking out the right one I suggest going for something that can both stand out on its own as well as complement your tees and shirts. For this particular look¬†,I treated the jacket like a shirt and dressed fairly monochromatically. Again white accents help break up a fit so you don’t look like you escaped from the state prison. (Which isn’t an awful look tbh, but you don’t need those problems.)



Don’t Call It A Comeback

April 26, 2016

how to wear a tropical printed shirt how to wear a hawaiian shirt mens fashion blogger mens gold rings kenneth cole suede wingtip mens fashion portraits nyc
Wearing: Shirt: Penfield// Tee: H&M// Jeans: Levi’s (Similar)// Shoes: Kenneth Cole// Hat: Goorin Bros. (Similar)// Rings: THEYSTYLED.US

Going back through this blog there are pictures of me rocking the tropical shirt. (Oh hey, 2013.) Apparently after all this time some people still don’t know how to wear the short sleeve printed shirt without looking like an extra in The Brady Bunch Goes to Hawaii. (Nvm, that actually sounds amazing.) If you’re not on an island, you’ve got to do better. While you can wear one of these several ways, I decided to style it open with a white tee underneath to break up the print. It’s a little early in NYC to wear shorts so I teamed it with a straight leg pair of jeans (it’s not just all about the slim/skinny fits) and light colored shoes. As with everything,, accessorize according to your own taste. Obviously I’ve never met a wide brim hat I didn’t like and a little something something on my fingers.