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Everything’s Fine In The Summertime

June 19, 2015

mens summer style how to wear a bucket hat mens tevas mens nyc style mens fashion blogger
Shirt: J.Crew | Tee: Velvet Tees | Pants: Vintage | Sandals: Teva | Hat: Kangol | Glasses: Warby Parker

I’ll be completely honest with you guys, I lost control of this outfit very quickly. My roommate was getting rid of these incredibly dope pants and I just blacked out and ended up looking like this. That brings me to today’s today topic: everything is fine in the summertime. Crop tops: sure. Sandals & socks: knock yourself out. Wrap around sunglasses: actually don’t do that. I’m spending this season saying yes to more things both style and life wise and I suggest you do the same. Go out and be weird, my friends.


Odd Man Out

September 22, 2014

how to wear socks with sandals
cholo style
nyc blogger
teva woolrich
menwear blogger

Wearing: Shirt: Katin| Jeans: Big Star| Hat: Vintage| Socks & Sandals: Teva x Woolrich
You might be asking yourself “How did homeboy go from wearing a simple bomber look to dressing like a homeless person who’s read too many Japanese streetwear zines?” 1) That’s mad rude and 2) Because variety is the spice of life. (Or at least that’s what the fortune cookie I had last night said.) Textures, textures, textures. That’s what’s it all about people, well mixing them that is. I’m no stranger to dubiously pairing pieces together, but I encourage you to do so as well this season. Also socks and sandals are still a thing for me and this new collab from Teva and Woolrich both proves that point and gives me a new go-to set to don until the frigid cold comes. (I have to draw a line somewhere, folks.) Go forth with mixing textures and rocking your socks and sandals. The only thing you should be embarrassed about this season is ordering anything pumpkin flavored while in public.


Book Club

August 21, 2014

tevas socks
mens reading
Wearing: Shirt: Kennington| Shorts: Club Monaco| Shoes: Teva| Socks: Nice Laundry

Fun fact: I’m a nerd IRL. Like high school book club president making announcements over the loud speaker in the morning after the Pledge of Allegiance type of nerd.  It’s nothing that I’m ashamed of tbh. If I can wear socks and sandals in public then I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m not your run of the mill type dude. All that said if you’re into finding out some new reading material then check out my feature on Teva’s blog!



Bonnaroo: Or How To Dress For A Festival

June 23, 2014

bonnaroo fashionhow to wear a bucket hat mens festival stlye only child london men bonnaroo fashion mens festival fashionWearing: Tee: H&M| Pants: Uniqlo| Shoes: Teva| Hat: Gift from Freddy| Necklace: ONLY CHILD

As I mentioned in my last post,I headed down to Bonnaroo with blogger friend IRL Anthony from Closet Freaks and the crew at Teva. I’ve been to a couple festivals in my day and I’d have to say it’s a completely different vibe. Less pretentiousness than Coachella, less scenesters than Governor’s Ball, and  less convulsing 14 year old girls like any EDM festivals, but I digress. Not to be all flowery (because I’m not that dude or type of writer) but there’s definitely a sense of freedom and community in the air. That being said, all the bold pieces in my suitcase got a chance to see the sunlight including these children’s pajama pants that I wore as capris and a matching bucket hat my friend brought me from Thailand. There are literally a billion and one posts on the internet about dressing for festivals. If the trip taught me anything, it’s that most of those posts are superfluous. (Including mine tbh.)  Keys to dressing for a fest: be comfortable, be weather appropriate, don’t dress for the cameras because you’ll only just end up on a struggle blog anyway or a Vice worst dressed list.