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With the Band

March 1, 2017
mens nyc style blogger

how to wear a leather jacket mens mens vintage fashion mens vintage tee style mens vintage style nyc mens nyc style blogger
Wearing: American Eagle

Band tees have always been a favorite of mine ever since my first concert. (*coughs* Fall Out Boy *coughs) I’ve styled them a couple of different ways on this site, but this go around I wanted to really for an authentic classic rock feel. Dark fitted jeans, boots, and a leather jacket are all no brainers to team your tee up with. If you’re really going for it, you have to make sure your accessories are on point. Mixing metals and adding a bandana to my hat isn’t rocket science or new by any means, but going that extra step really helps to pull a fit off.


You can check out more inspo behind this look over at the American Eagle blog!


Fall Back

October 5, 2016
how to wear a denim jacket

mens fashion nyc mens fall streetwear looks mens fall fashion how to wear a denim jacket
Wearing: Jacket: Dr. Denim// Shirt: Penfield// Pants: Dr. Denim// Boots: Timberland// Hat: Baldwin

Fall is in full swing which means I can finally put away the chicken wings I call arms and stock pile on some layers. Like any good time, you’ve got to gently ease into it. It’s a no-brainer that the denim jacket is the most versatile piece of transitional outerwear and pretty much looks good on everybody. That being said, you can style these a number of ways. You can never go wrong pairing one with a casual button-up, dark chinos, and boots. I can say without a doubt that this will be one on my Autumn uniforms since it’s so easy to swap out pieces like the shirt, pants, and accessories for a different fit every day, but maintaining a similar vibe.


Farmer Brown

May 25, 2016

how to wear overalls mens

mens overalls how to wear

how to wear overalls mens



men in overalls

Wearing: Overalls: Rollas// Tee: H&M// Boots: Timberland// Hat: Penfield// Watch: Shore Projects

Even though overalls can easily make you look like a toddler about to head to pre-school it could be a strong look if you pick the right pair. Since my style is more laid back I opted for a slouchy pair and wore them lose. (Personally, I think wearing them all the way up is a little lame, but do you.) And, of course, I’m still about dressing monotonically (I looked it up to make sure it’s a real word) so I paired it with a simple tee, hat, and boots. Go head and stunt on your local orgainc dairy farmer.



March 1, 2016

mens spring office look

how to make a blazer look cool

pintrill 100 lapel

shore projects watch gold

mens text sweater

mens nyc street style

Wearing: Blazer: Bar III// Sweater: H&M (similar)// Pants: RVCA// Boots: Timberland// Watch: Shore Projects// Pin: Pintrill

Oh look! I’m wearing an outfit with structure that doesn’t involve a pair of denim. Since I work in a creative field most of my clients are pretty cool with my laid back style on a day to day basis, but I like to dress it up a tad for an important meeting or presentation. This is an accurate represenaion of what I’d wear when tryinf to get a grasp on business casual: a blazer, cool sweater, and tailored trousers. Maybe I’m still drunk on youth (and privilege I suppose) , but I don’t think I’ll conform to cookie cutter office dressing for a while. That being said, some fun addtions like a colored beanie or intersting lapel pin are some simple ways to show off your presonailty without taking away from the clean cut aesthetic.