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Lessons in Layering

January 6, 2016

how to layer menswear

how to wear double denim mens

mens fashion blogger portrait

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nyc mens streetsyle streewear
Wearing: Coat: G-Star// Jacket: American Eagle// Sweater: H&M// Jeans: Simon Miller// Hat: Vans// Boots: Timberland

Alright class, please take your seats. I’m Professor Joseph and I’ll be instructing Advanced Layering 202 this semester. By now you already know the basics of dressing up for winter. I mean anyone can throw a sweater over a shirt and perhaps a vest if they’re feeling adventurous. Personally, I’m more of a jacket on jacket type of guy. (Aka obnoxious) The key to mastering to pieces of outerwear is to make sure they compliment and not counteract each other. In laymen’s terms get your fit, length, and materials right before you go outside looking like a goodwill bin. (Wait actually that sounds pretty cool…brb)


Quiet Storm

November 24, 2015

how to wear a rain coat how to layer a raincoat mens winter fashion stutterheim raincoats how to wear a sweater to work mens nyc streetstyle
Wearing: Jacket: Stutterheim// Sweater: Timberland// Pants: Express// Boots: Coach// Hat: Baldwin

I really appreciate raingear making a comeback in #menswear. While you may be shaking your head at your screen, remind yourself that the Cool Teens on the L train (who you’re afraid of) were not wearing anoraks two years ago. I always recommend making a statement with your outerwear and today is no different. Sure you can own a dark raincoat when it actually pours, but pull out a colored or printed jacket to flex. I decided to pair this baby blue joint from Stutterheim with a buisness casual/holiday party look since it is tis the season. (lol I don’t really know what business casual is.) Since you’re still reading (hopefully) I also highly suggest opting for the oversized knits this season to keep you warm while also accunating that you’re getting thicc for winter.

I decided to pair this baby blue joint from Stutterheim with a buisness casual/office look since it is this season. (lol I don’t really know what business casual is.)


Old School

November 13, 2015

how to wear vintage mensvarsity cardigan mens timberland dress boot
mens vintage fashion
mens retro fashion Wearing: Sweater: The Urban Exchange Clothing Company// Shirt: H&M// Pants: Timberland// Boots:Timberland// Hat: Bailey of Hollywood

And just like that we’re back to my dandy phase. I joked about it a couple weeks ago on Instagram, but I don’t see anything wrong with flexing that peacock muscle. (In moderation, of course.) While I traded my bow ties for bucket hats a long time ago, I still think casual dressing can still be elevated. (I hate the word btw.) I based my look around this amazing cardigan because…cmon. Think Richie Cunningham with the swagger of The Fonz. That being said, I paired the sweater with a patterned shirt to give the look some depth. Also added some mustard chinos because #FallAesthic and these Timberland dress boots that I’ve been wearing almost everyday since they go with almost anything. (Also they have a side zip which makes getting dressed v. easy before 9am.) Lesson of the day: wear what you want, you’ll be aight.


Mastering The Classics

November 9, 2015

how to wear a shearling coat

how to style shearling coat mens timberland six inch boots mens shearling collar mens fall fashion
Wearing: Timberland Jacket// Velvet Tees Shirt// Vintage Jeans//Richer  Poorer Socks//Timberland Boots

When I describe my style, the word “classic” doesn’t tend to come to mind. That being said, when you see a look come through year after year there must be some weight to it, right? I teamed up once again with Timberland to share a timeless Autumn look with y’all. Again, “simple” is not a word I associate with myself, but sometimes that’s all you need for a solid fit. The jacket reminds me of a vintage shearling number you steal from your grandpa’s closet so I decided to pair it with a basic white tee and some worn in denim. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned how having a good pair of go to boots will change your life in every post in the past two months and this one wil be no exception. I mean the color on these can only be described in “100″ and wave emojis.