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October 25, 2016
nyc style blogger mens

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Wearing: Shirt: Grayers// Hoodie: L Train Vintage// Jeans: Neuw// Sneakers: Vans

As much I love fashion and working in the industry, sometimes I just want to step and be like “lol guys it’s not that serious.” I’m always down for some fun, even if it means picking up this Looney Tunes hoodie from my favorite thrift store. Even scrolling through my own instagram there are a lot of pictures of my in neutral colors giving a mean mug. That being said, I decided to switch it up for y’all. Since the sweatshirt is the highlight I wanted to style around it in a casual streetwear look. I’m also working on smiling more since it’s free, ya know.


The Thin Line

September 20, 2016
mens nyc street style

naked and famous kmono

how to wear a kimono mens

mens lookbook black

mens nyc fall fashion

mens nyc street style

Wearing: Kimono: Naked & Famous// Shirt: ASOS// Pants: ASOS// Shoes: Vans// Hat: Bailey of Hollywood (Similar)

New season, so time to try out some new things. One piece I’ve wanted to try for a while is the kimono. In all honesty, I got this one right before summer started, but was weary of that fine line of cultural appreciation and appropriation. I have a vintage one from the 60s that I’ve never wore for that exact reason. The cut of this isn’t as traditional and it’s black so it looks like another layering piece. Speaking of walking thin lines, I styled this to be cozy and simple yet clean and stylized. (Not sure what that means either, I’m running on like 3 hours of sleep.) I think it’s pretty dope to “borrow” from other cultures, but it doesn’t take much to do a little googling and make sure you’re not accidentally being offensive. (The more you know….)


Still Cozy

July 26, 2016

mens streetwear fashion

custom blue vans

fashion blogger smilings

new city street style black

Wearing: Shirt: Forever 21// Tee: H&M// Pants: Levi’s Made & Crafted // Sneakers: Vans//  Hat: Vans

Your favorite cozy boy is back looking like skate park trash. (That’s a good thing btw.) I was talking to someone the other day and they asked how and why I wore my clothes oversized with my small frame. (Don’t let the pictures fool ya, I’m actually v. short IRL) The why is simple: because I want to. The how is a little more complicated. Because of my lack of torso, I can’t pull off most longline tees. Instead, I usually buy a shirts two sizes  bigger and run them through the wash before wearing  if it seems like I’m drowning in fabric. The same doesn’t work for trousers. Tailors are your best friend when it comes to catering your baggy clothes to fit your body type. That being said, not all pants can be hemmed and still maintain their original shape so be mindful the next time you purchase pieces that make you look like a fly potato sack.


Spite The Weather

June 15, 2016


mens nyc style streetwear

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mens yeezy sweatshirt

nyc mens fashion streetwear

Wearing: Sweatshirt: ASOS// Shorts: T By Alexander Wang (Similar)// Sneakers: Vans// Hat: ASOS// Socks: Richer Poorer (Similar)

Going to throw this out there from jump and say this is one of my favorite blog posts I’ve done in a while, just based on visuals. Remember the other week when I explained the rules of wearing a summer beanies? (See here and return whenever you’re ready.) I really like playing with proportion, even during the summer. Again, if you’re gonna wear a heavier sweatshirt I suggest going with a short. (Praise Yeezus that dudes have more options now.) Besides my sweatshirt, I’d have to say my favorite part of this fit is the color blocked socks. It adds some extra color and looks more thoughtful.