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6 Shorts To Stunt In

June 24, 2015

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Sun’s out, calves out. Alright that’s not an actual saying and I could probably think of a better pun, but I’m running on fumes here. Whatever it’s finally warm enough to wear shorts without catching a side eye from a judgemental busybody like myself. Oversized, jort, or sweatshort: take a look at some of my current faves and get some sun on those limbs.

Carhartt WIP | Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen | Chapter
Public School | Woolrich Woolen Mills | Reigning Champ


Cheating On Your Jackets

April 16, 2015

how to wear flannel in spring mens fashion blogger mens red flannel shirt frayed jean cuffs mens nyc streetstyle mens urban style
Wearing: Shirt: Woolrich Woolen Mills| Shirt: J.Crew| Jeans: Big Star| Sneakers: Converse (DIY)| Hat: The Hundreds

I’m not one to glorify adultery because it’s on of the Ten Commandments or whatever, but too much of one thing gets boring. (Amirite?) While your bombers and denim jackets will always be ride-or-dies there’s nothing wrong experimenting with something new. When it comes to thinking outside the sartorial box I’ve been into repurposing my heavy flannels and throwing them on top of whatever. Very 90s, very “trendy.” (Wait didn’t I do this last week?) Essentially what I’m trying to say here is why not experiment with your layerage slayage before it gets too hot too function.


Odd Man Out

September 22, 2014

how to wear socks with sandals
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Wearing: Shirt: Katin| Jeans: Big Star| Hat: Vintage| Socks & Sandals: Teva x Woolrich
You might be asking yourself “How did homeboy go from wearing a simple bomber look to dressing like a homeless person who’s read too many Japanese streetwear zines?” 1) That’s mad rude and 2) Because variety is the spice of life. (Or at least that’s what the fortune cookie I had last night said.) Textures, textures, textures. That’s what’s it all about people, well mixing them that is. I’m no stranger to dubiously pairing pieces together, but I encourage you to do so as well this season. Also socks and sandals are still a thing for me and this new collab from Teva and Woolrich both proves that point and gives me a new go-to set to don until the frigid cold comes. (I have to draw a line somewhere, folks.) Go forth with mixing textures and rocking your socks and sandals. The only thing you should be embarrassed about this season is ordering anything pumpkin flavored while in public.

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BUY IT: Converse X Woolrich Outsider Boot

September 23, 2010

For men this fall it is imperative to have a cool pair of boots. Plaid also just so happens to also be in this season so what better what to combine the two. I am in love with these Converse x Woolrich “Outsider Boots.” They are a great change of pace to the brown and black boots that everyone is wearing.If you want a pair of these then head to Urban Outfitters.