The Smoking Room

January 11, 2012

Cigarettes In Mouth

There’s a little nook in the back of my of office which is 1) incredibly creepy at night and 2) the indoor smoking spot.  Whether you’re smoking or not it’s still a pretty cool chill out spot.  Some guys from the tech team even created some drawing on the wall with what I can only assume to be ashes.

The best part of this post is that I get to show off my favorite piece from this fall: my denim/leather jacket. Most people assume I DIY’d it (obviously most people don’t know I failed scissor class in preschool) but I got it one of my many vintage sprees this summer. I just think the jacket and space go together perfectly.

Jacket: Thrifted
Shirt: American Eagle
Pants:Ben Sherman
Socks: Stolen from Dad
Shoes: Weejuns

DISCLAIMER: Smoking is bad. Also: if you’re my mother then swear those aren’t my cigarettes in the first picture.

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