January 9, 2014

Mens winter fashion
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Wearing: Coat: Black Brown| Shirt: Uniqlo| Jeans: Gap| Socks: Quiksilver| Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s

What’s black, white, and shivering all over? Answer: Me this past week. Full disclosure this is my roommate Corey’s coat because I’m not a real adult who owns outerwear that works as primarily as function and not fashion. (Ex: I am wearing jeans with a huge hole in them.) Not sure why, but I’ve never thought as myself as the “peacoat type.” I think I’m a convert now. A plain black or navy one is a staple every dude should have. (Including me.)

Been super into adding my mesh tank as a cool under layer for a more downtown look, but you can check out this same coat style in a more preppy fashion here.

Photos: Freddy


  • Ella

    Hi Joseph! I like this outfit, especially the shoes!!

    Ella for Modus Man – modusman.wordpress.com

  • corey kindberg

    Those shoes are great. Really, really great. That shirt is cute too. But that jacket really does something for me. #jackets

    • mienigma

      Wow you must be fashion challenged? He looks really bad…

      • dailymister

        Different strokes?

        • mienigma

          I have nothing against the model. Nice looking bloke. The combination of clothes that is what I am commenting about. The hole in his pants is ridiculous.

          • corey kindberg


      • corey kindberg


        • mienigma

          What in this comment spoke of race????