Winter Favorites

November 19, 2014

kith x ones stroke mens winter dressing bohoo shirt coach boots nyc mens streetsrtle
Wearing: Jacket: KITH x Ones Stroke| Shirt: Boohoo| Jeans: American Eagle| Boots: Coach| Hat: H&M| Glasses: Saint Laurent Paris (via SmartBuyGlasses)

Since I’m sitting in my apartment currently wrapped up in my comforter to avoid the 20 degree weather, I feel like it’s no time like the present to share some of the favorite pieces from my closet this winter. Let’s start with Shibuya Robe from the KITH x Ones Strokes collab. One might judge this purchase this over a traditional big coat but 1) I’m grown and do what I want and 2) it’s going to be my main layering piece all season. That brings me to the longline button up from Boohoo. I’ve been looking for a shirt with this silhouette but they traditionally don’t look great on dudes with a shorter frame. The black totally gives me the illusion of having an actual torso. (Cat’s out of the bag:I’m really short IRL.) Moving on too these boots from Coach. While I have a plethora of brown boots it’s been the bane of my existence to find a perfect pair that I can rock with skinny jeans, tights, or trousers. And finally, I can’t forget my new Saint Laurent glasses from SmartBuyGlasses. Actually I can’t because I’m literally blind and the law requires me to wear them while operating a vehicle. When it comes to eyewear I’m very no frills but appreciate a touch of design and versatility. Sidenote: Is anyone surprised that all my favorites are black?

Well I shared what I’ll be wearing a million times this season, what are some of your picks for this winter?